Webinar: From Manicures to Motorcycles - How the ServiceNow and INRY Experience Transcends Industries

Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Time: 11:00 AM CDT


During their careers, people switch multiple organizations spanning different industries. Some of them would have seen ServiceNow's value firsthand in past jobs, and when moving to a new organization, these experiences can be invaluable to their new employer – even when the business context is seemingly different.

Belinda Eastlack, currently a Senior ServiceNow Administrator at Polaris, had the opportunity to spearhead ServiceNow adoption in her previous organization - a high-end salon services retailer. While working with this luxury services retailer, Belinda partnered with INRY and ServiceNow to drive IT and HR transformation initiatives, which resulted in improved service levels and cost savings of 20-50%.

While motorcycle, snowmobile, and ATV manufacturing would seem to have little in common with salon services, the value proposition for Belinda's current employer Polaris is the same – improving the efficiency, transparency, and quality of request management user experience.

In this session, Belinda explains how ServiceNow evangelists can bring their past experiences to solve their employer's most critical issues with ITSM and grow the solution over time to transform other business areas.

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Picture of Belinda Eastlack
Guest Speaker
Belinda Eastlack

Sr. ServiceNow Admin, Polaris Industries

Picture of Vishal Raghavan
INRY Speaker
Vishal Raghavan

Product Owner and Solution Strategist, Employee Experience

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