Leverage ServiceNow to Deliver

Efficient Agile Secure Experiences (EASE)

With the modern consumer-like expectations becoming ubiquitous at work, HR services must place employees at the center of these digital experiences: ​

  • Deliver human-centric design through Mobile, Apps, Portal
  • Integrate HR policy and processes through user profile-driven Knowledge ​
  • Automate to resolve or perform tasks using Chatbots, Virtual agents​

As tech-savvy operations become more prominent at work, organizations plan to create more strategic roles in HR. For the new-age HR, we can help you focus on:​

  • Improving process automation with forms, workflow and task management​
  • Building Case management with templates, checklists for generalist support and Integrated analytics platform and dashboards​

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Our Success Stories

General Mills rolled our HR service delivery across 27 countries and 9 languages

Dollar General migrates from Neocase to ServiceNow and transformed employee experience

Iowa DoT onboards and offboards seasonal employees saving 4-6 hours per onboard

Vail resorts provides the same high end experience to employees that it provides to its customers

Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN made it easy for employees to work with HR

Fortune 100 retailer insourced and repatriated HR service delivery using ServiceNow and INRY

Our Implementation Services

  • Modernize HR by leveraging ServiceNow out-of-the-box for processes like payroll, benefits.
  • Typically implemented within 6-12 weeks
  • Platform to mature over time.
  • Build client-specific processes (e.g., relocations, mobility).​
  • Typically implemented within 12-24 weeks​
  • Usually includes:
    • Integrations to HCM tools such as Workday, SuccessFactors, Oracle ​
    • Security requirements like multi-SSO, on/off-network access and more.
    • Digital experience enhancements like portal and mobile apps.
  • Complex and specialized HR Workflows
  • Co-ordinate Centers of Expertise
  • Program Management for Transformation
  • Integrations specific to HR processes