Healthcare GRC and Security with INRY and our QSA partner Healthcare GRC and Security with INRY and our QSA partner
Security & Risk Whitepaper

Healthcare GRC and Security with INRY and our QSA partner

Establish integrated GRC and Security capabilities aligned with industrystandards like HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, NIST, and ISO.

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Organizations that manage Electronic Health Records (EHR) or Protected Health Information (PHI) are highly regulated, and effectively managing information security and privacy is an ongoing challenge. EHR and PHI are defined broadly to include any part of a patient’s health or payment history.

Covered entities include not only hospitals, healthcare professionals, insurance agencies, claims and payments processing agencies, etc., but also third parties, business associates and universities and government agencies involved in using healthcare data for research or development purposes. Ongoing news about data breaches continues to raise concerns with respect to the security and privacy of healthcare data.

INRY has teamed up with ServiceNow® and our Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) partner, to deliver powerful capabilities that help clients manage and structure Healthcare Industry compliance requirements with EASE – Efficient Agile Secure Experiences.


  • Better control over protection of patient data and privacy
  • Integrated risk management with risk register, built in tools for risk analysis, mitigation planning, and monitoring
  • Intelligent workflows connecting all relevant functions for faster and effective resolution of security incidents
  • In depth, timely and real-time insights with interactive dashboards
  • Efficient, effective and risk-based Vendor Management capabilities
  • Automated alerts & notifications to track progress and send reminders
  • Streamline compliance with HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, ISO, PCI, COBIT, etc.
  • Consolidate GRC & Security data for actionable insight & visibility
  • Gather once, certify many with our QSA partner’s audit methodology and IT Compliance Platform

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INRY Services

  • Policy & Compliance Management:

     Streamline compliance with various regulatory agencies including HIPAA and HITRUST
  • Risk Management: 

    Identify, analyze, prioritize, measure, mitigate and manage risks within your organization
  • Audit Management: 

    Support internal and external audits; Scope and streamline engagements and manage resources
  • Vendor Risk Management: 

    Assess and track third party compliance through a collaborative portal with automated alerts
  • Vulnerability Response: 

    Build a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities to pinpoint & remediate areas of concern
  • Security Incident Response: 

    Drive better collaboration and respond to security incidents more efficiently and effectively
  • HITRUST Compliance: 

    Perform self-assessments; collect evidence to streamline HITRUST compliance using workflows
  • Integrated Risk Management: 

    A consolidated, unified solution to manage all information security and compliance activities
  • Annual Assessments: 

    Leverage our QSA partner for assessments and certifications

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