How ServiceNow And HCM Platforms Work Together

This whitepaper demonstrates how ServiceNow seamlessly integrates with HCM platforms like Workday, SuccessFactors and Oracle to consumerize the HR service delivery experience.

Cloud adoption is on a rise with both consumer and enterprise systems. ServiceNow, along with HCM platforms is at the forefront of the rise at the enterprise level. Elevated customer experience of modern consumer services is a major contributor to the rise of platform efficiencies.

In the past few years, we have witnessed revolutionary developments of cloud powered consumer services such as Amazon and Uber that have pushed limits in customer experience. As a result, customer experience has now become a crucial aspect of business that is driving innovation and renewed design thinking.

More businesses are now using it as a place to start for innovation and are investing in technology that will enhance the value they deliver to their customers.

This of course, is great news for consumers and has resulted in a wide spread rise in consumer expectations. However, this rise in expectations is hardly limited to consumer services.

In the past few years, there has been a consistent and rapid rise in the expectations of the new age workforce. Today, employees expect the same kind of ease in employee services that they expect from consumer services. The modern workforce wants processes to be fast, efficient, automated, user friendly and accessible on the move. They expect the seamless timely delivery of cross functionally dependent services that they have grown used to with Amazon. Simple tasks like applying for time off need to be fast and seamless. Meeting these expectations is not optional and is crucial to attract, and more importantly, retain quality talent.

In a recent survey however, it was found that as many as 8 in 10 companies, both large and small still use unstructured manual tools such as email and spreadsheets. While the modern workforce continues to evolve as it is essential for organizations to leverage technology to accommodate for them.

However, building the technology in house is difficult, time consuming and expensive. Additionally, having multiple portals for different HR processes can leave employees frustrated and confused.

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