INRY’s Time Off Tracker Powered By ServiceNow

Employees need a simple and effective system to request time off; Real-time insights are essential for managers to make informed approval decisions for these requests.

Human Resource professionals and managers alike realize that effective tracking of time off is crucial to maintain business continuity, and to keep employees happy and productive. However, keeping track of everyone in the organization and accommodating for their needs is hardly a simple task.

Many enterprises still depend on ineffective and antiquated tools like email and spreadsheets for tracking employee time off. The absence of an effective tracking system makes it difficult for employees to request time off and even harder for administrators to keep track of those requests. This can directly impact the organization in untracked paid time off and negative employee experience.

Our solution, INRY’s Time Off Tracker powered by ServiceNow® is an automated employee time off tracking system that helps organizations provide a positive employee experience and gain higher visibility of employee availability.

The app lets employees check their available time off and submit new requests through an elegant portal. With automated request approval workflows, INRY’s Time Off Tracker eliminates risk of errors and misuse that can impact business continuity and employee experience.

Key Features Of The Time Off Tracker App Include:

  • Simplified time off requests
  • Notifications and tracking
  • Custom approval workflow
  • Real time insights

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