Keller ISD transforms Legal Advisory with ServiceNow


With a proficiency for excellence in SAT, ACT scores, graduation rates, attendance rates, and college bound student acceptance, Keller ISD, a diverse school district, sets the standard that other Texas school districts seek to achieve. However, behind the scenes, the organization was foundering in a maze of never ending paper work, distribution bottlenecks for authorization, and a myriad of requests coming in from phone and email. Compounding the process was that all too often requests contained incomplete information requiring follow up before fulfilling.

For the legal team at Keller ISD, this overwhelming method for intaking requests was time consuming, single threaded, and marred with inefficiencies.

Additional stress on the process came from compliance mandates. Specific time tables for case submittal to the state required adherence. Increased request volume forced employees to work extra hours and weekends. Even tracking the progression of a request with a spreadsheet master list was laboriously difficult to keep updated. It required regular manual maintenance and never truly presented an accurate current state of the work load or where a case was in the completion process. Due to this lack of visibility of tasks completed, it became necessary for the legal team to perform work in silos to avoid duplicating efforts.

Challenge: Streamline work while transforming digitally

Sticky notes, completion of forms over the phone, and a paper filing system of fulfillment was no longer sustainable. This existing process of printing forms which were later inserted into file folders with other complementary documents requiring a multiple step manual approval process was strangling service levels.

Transforming a level of service excellence to a digital experience for the legal department that aligned with the achievements and growth aspirations of the school district was desperately needed.

With an employee base of 4000, servicing 41 campus locations, Keller ISD determined that centralizing the intake process on a common, secure, scalable cloud platform offered maximum benefit.


Legal Process Automation

By engaging IntegRhythm to extend the existing ServiceNow ® platform used for ITSM, Keller ISD would incorporate legal workflows in a similar structured manner; leveraging a single platform. Request intake, tracking, approval, and fulfillment will be tracked in structured workflow enabling completion of requests digitally.

By configuring the business rules and data flows, IntegRhythm introduced the concept of digital transformation to the legal team. Legal teams can recognize those requestors by location and view all the cases on a real-time reporting dashboard to complete tasks in shorter time frames.

IntegRhythm guided the team from what was previously a manual and paper intensive into a centralized platform (ServiceNow) that tracked the steps for completion electronically. Thus, different legal staff can see what each other has completed as well as view any notes or attachments on the case. Now, work is siloed no longer. It can easily be determined what next task needs to happen which removed the fear of duplicating work, allowing for the desired work sharing environment.


Surprise beneficial outcomes

IntegRhythm educated the team on a bonus feature within the ServiceNow platform. All entries show a time stamp for notes, approvals, and attachments which can be extremely useful in legal case reconciliation. Time consuming email searches to track down data is a thing of past. Amanda Bigbee, lead lawyer for Keller ISD, says, “I save at least an hour a day that I previously spent searching in my email. 230 hours/year in time savings …now that’s real cool stuff.”

Amanda didn’t even have to abandon her handwritten notes in Rocket Book. She says, “I love that I can still use my Rocket Book to capture information on a case.” Simple drop and drag capabilities allow the notes to be placed in the case file within ServiceNow, which is time stamped like direct entries, serving as communication audit trail.

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