Multinational Retailer Insources HR Operations With ServiceNow and INRY


Prior to the upgrade, the client’s employee relations were almost entirely outsourced, with offshore caseworkers handling most HR cases. The client’s outsourcing partner had employed outdated technology and case resolution processes were inefficient. Existing employee self-service forms were long and tedious.

With no control over the tool, the client had limited visibility into their HR operations. Employee experience and productivity were being impacted by poor case resolution times and cumbersome self-service.

The client realized that their workforce was growing increasingly tech-savvy and they wanted to leverage modern technology to improve employee experience. They sought to use a more advanced platform to eliminate clutter in their processes. The client realized that in order to do so, they would have to take back control of the case management tool and insource their HR operations.

Significantly Higher Value

The client was willing to employ a modern tech platform to engage their employees, streamline processes, and increase visibility into their operations. However, it was also crucial that the tool aligned with their business goals. The client wanted a tool that could deliver significantly higher value to justify the costs of insourcing. Upon establishing key objectives, the client started exploring their options.

Following careful evaluation, the client decided to implement ServiceNow with IntegRhythm.

Fighting Clutter

The client’s primary objective for the project was to eliminate clutter and streamline processes. To maximize the scale of the cleanup, Integrhtyhm’s team conducted structured workshops with various HR teams including employee relations, payroll, leave of absence, restructure, benefits, compensation and tuition.

These meetings involved case agents and process owners from various business and HR teams. Due to the varying needs of each team and business group, consensus gathering was a challenge.

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