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Manage and coordinate compliance activities with HITRUST

INRY in partnership with legal and Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) partners provides end-to-end HITRUST implementation. Our clients continue to license HITRUST from HITRUST Alliance.


Outcomes gained by partnering with INRY


A central repository​ that is secure and provides role-based access

One central location for all your HITRUST internal control framework, past data, evidence and other artifacts. Ensure only the right people can see data relevant for their role and function.


Workflow for evidence collection and remediation

Assign evidence collection tasks to control the process owners with automated reminders and updates. Prioritize remediation tasks and exceptions, and trigger notifications when tasks are due.


Dashboards and reporting based on stakeholders

Dashboards and reporting on tasks management - identify owners, departments, etc, that need to perform tasks. Reports on control coverage and compliance. Trend reports on year on year changes and progress.

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Our end-to-end implementation services help you design, deploy, and adopt ServiceNow faster.

Modernize compliance management activities leveraging ServiceNow

  • Typically implemented within 6-12 weeks

  • Migrate processes from emails, spreadsheets and manual processes to a centralized repository with workflow and reporting

  • Import controls / questionnaires and other critical documents with the right format.

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Implementation to drive specific outcomes based on targeted areas

  • Implement specific outcomes like exception approvals, and risk scoring

  • Build organization / department-specific workflows, alerts, and notifications to ensure efficient tailored evidence collection
  • Integrate with other IT general controls like Incident, Change, and Response

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Implement end to end HITRUST compliance leveraging the extended partner network

  • Typically, implemented in 6-24 months ​ and refinement through two certification cycles. Upgrade to HITRUST 10.

  • Partner with legal, privacy and security teams to design internal controls and implement a GRC system in line with HITRUST CSF expectations

  • Partner with QSA for integrated evidence submission and continuous compliance

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Medical Facilities Network transforms HITRUST® Risk and Compliance Management

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