ITSM: Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Build a strong backbone for your IT services by consolidating relevant information about all of your Configuration Items (CIs) and leverage it for all other applications on the ServiceNow platform like GRC, Security Operations, CSM, ITBM, etc.

IT infrastructure is becoming more complex and it is very important to be able to track and understand all the hardware, software and network components within your environment and their relationships. How Configuration Items are related and impact each other to form your IT services is the core for understanding criticality and impact for most Service Management decisions.

INRY can help with populating, configuring and maintaining your CMDB, and understanding relationships between Assets and CIs. Most organizations struggle with data quality and relevance of CMDB data; our experts can assist with CI lifecycle management.

INRY’s expertise with the suite of applications across the ServiceNow platform allows us to help build your roadmap for effectively optimizing the CMDB for use by other applications.

Intelligent Rhythm Of Work

Key Benefits


Know your environment

When done right, the CMDB is a powerful database of all the components of your environment & their inter-relationships


Increase trust in IT Services

Have a single system of record for business-critical systems to reduce risk, manage impact and make confident decisions


Build a solid foundation

Harness the full potential of the platform by building and maintaining a robust CMDB

Implementation Services

Solution and Strategy

Solution & Strategy

Targeted workshops to build roadmaps; Review existing implementations; perform gap analysis and recommend next steps

Essential Implementation

Essentials Implementation

Deploy Out-of-the-box capabilities and start using ServiceNow CMDB, import legacy data

Targeted Implementation

Targeted Implementation

Multiple import sources, data certification, basic CI lifecycle management

Advanced Implementations

Advanced Implementations

Advanced CI lifecycle management, data quality and normalization, client specific complexities, and complex integrations

Enablement _ Adoption

Enablement & Adoption

Customized program to enable users to leverage ServiceNow effectively and drive adoption and success



Hands-on training to use ServiceNow for Change and Release Management



Ongoing enhancements to existing ServiceNow implementations, integrations with other applications, etc.



Upgrade to the latest version of ServiceNow and leverage newer features and functionality

Other Services

Other Services

Contact us for additional information about the complete breadth and scale of our capabilities



Implement ServiceNow Discovery or integrate with SCCM and other tools


Single system of record

Single system of record for all Configuration Items (CIs)

Data health and certification

Data health and certification

End-to-end service

End-to-end service-aware view of CI lifecycles

Maintain current and accurate data

Maintain current and accurate data

Why INRY? Value with EASE

Deploy quickly, in as little as 2 weeks

We offer accelerators, supported by our implementation methodology, that help deploying the first phase of the solution in as little as 2 weeks. Our innovative PASS™ and EASE® methodologies focus on providing solutions that deliver Efficient Agile Secure Experiences for our clients


INRY’s implementation services are designed to deliver EASE – Efficient Agile Secure Experiences. We ensure that your transition journey to ServiceNow is as smooth as possible.

Accelerate Value Realization Through Enablement

Value Realization is directly proportional to platform adoption. Our proven enablement and adoption services help organizations drive ROI. Service includes up to 3 quarterly health checks and usage maps post-deployment.

360◦ relationship with ServiceNow

As a ServiceNow Gold Partner with over 100 implementations and excellent CSAT scores, we have experience across all the ServiceNow applications. We run our business on ServiceNow. Our 360-degree relationship with ServiceNow – Design partner, technology partner, sales partner, implementation partner and as a client – gives us a holistic understanding of the platform and this enables us to drive value for our clients.

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