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Access Management Workflow and Governance app

INRY makes it possible for Information Security teams to streamline access requests and assist with compliance.

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Save time, make access request safe and simple!

INRY’s Access Management Workflow and Governance app, powered by ServiceNow, allows organizations to control, manage, and monitor access to information assets based on predefined access management policies and user profiles; help managers know what systems their team members have access to, and assists information security teams with providing evidence for compliance. The application’s intuitive interface makes it easy for employees to request access, managers to review, monitor, and control access; and enables governance. The app’s core features assist organizations with mitigating risk, increasing efficiency, and reducing manual effort.


Digital Access Management workflow

Eases the flow of work between users, approvers, and fulfillers to easily request access, manage approvals and perform periodic reviews. Some approvals are automated through a built-in verification and approval cycle which can approve role-based access based on predefined birthrights.

Reports for compliance processes

A central repository for access requests and approvals assists with providing evidence of compliance to auditors during periodic reviews (adherence to regulatory frameworks such as NIST, HITRUST, SOC2, SOX, ISO, etc.) by making it easy to monitor, report against controls, and demonstrate the existence and implementation of an access control policy.


Efficient onboarding and offboarding

New employees can be auto approved for access to certain systems based on birthrights. During employee transitions, their manager can easily review what systems they have access to and change/revoke approvals easily.

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Enforcing strong access control policies within your organization



Make it easy for users to request access to information assets through an intuitive user interface. Set up automated notifications for status updates throughout the request-to-fulfillment lifecycle.



A single view of their entire team’s access to different information assets makes it easy to approve, reject, or revoke access based on predefined rules.


Service Fulfillers

Streamlines access requests and provides automated workflows to route requests to the right teams.


Application Administrator

A system of record to review access periodically, set and revoke access rights for users time.