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INRY Apps powered by ServiceNow

Leveraging the limitless customizability of the ServiceNow® Platform to develop great applications for our customers.

Attract, Engage, Transform

INRY apps offers an integrated suite of applications built on ServiceNow platform. Intelligent automation and better experiences for employees.

Applicant Tracking System

Quality workforce. Business excellence.

A  three-phased approach to your HR transformation starts with attracting high-quality talent with a striking introduction to your brand, and a friction-free recruitment process. Get a holistic view of your recruitment funnel with personalized portals, automated progress notifications, and built-in intelligence.

INRY’s Applicant Tracking System is first in the suite of HR applications designed to create a unified system of action that drives organizational efficiency and consumer-like employee experience. End-to-end digital recruitment on the ATS helps you manage the entire applicant journey from handling job applications till onboarding. ATS works seamlessly with the ‘Engage and Transform’ suite of applications to facilitate an effortless and engaging experience throughout the employee lifecycle. 

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Strategized recognition to enable enhanced contribution.

Kudos is an application to help you build an engaging culture through appreciation and recognition. Built on ServiceNow® platform we provide easy to configure workflows to help employees submit recognitions, get approvals and share it across multiple social platforms with a single click. Integrate with performance management and learning management to get the best out of our application suite.

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Expense management

Close books on time. Ensure policy compliance.

Expense Management helps organizations track employee expenses and monitor company spending. Expense delivers a simple and engaging experience through separate tailored views for Employees, Managers, and Finance Team.

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Access management workflow and governance

Efficient, agile, secure experiences.

Access Request Management is a comprehensive solution that helps an organization enhance, refine and track their onboarding/offboarding workload. The challenge of managing access requests within an organization is simplified and organized. Managing these access requests and providing a system in which to define, track and approve them shortens the fulfillment time and greatly improves the user experience.

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Learning Management System

Plan better and enhance compliance.

Learning Management System is a part of the suite of INRY's HR applications designed to create a unified system of action that drives organizational efficiency and improves employee experience.

Our Learning Management System is a single interface to manage online programs to skill, reskill and upskill employees. As part of our Transform suite of applications, Learning Management works with Kudos and Performance Management to deliver a fast and effortless way to assess employee skills, identify opportunities for development, and schedule appropriate learning programs.

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Performance Management

Connected vision and workforce transformation.

INRY's Performance Management application provides organizations with a sustainable and scalable system to promote employee development and engagement. The application is flexible to allow usage of the goal-based performance management or 360-degree feedback or a combination of both.

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INRY Apps on the ServiceNow Store

INRY Apps are built on the powerful automation and limitless customizability of the ServiceNow platform. ServiceNow’s extensive platform capabilities and workflow engine integrate seamlessly with our applications.

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