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Close books on time.Ensure policy compliance.


Expense Management features

Expense Management helps organizations track employee expenses and monitor company spending. Expense delivers a simple and engaging experience through separate tailored views for Employees, Managers, and Finance Team. The expense management mobile app allows employees to submit expenses anytime anywhere.


Submit expenses from mobile app

Submitting expenses on Expense Management is paperless and allows employees to easily submit expenses through the web portal and mobile app.

Paperless workflows to speed things up

Paperless approval workflows, automated email notifications, and reminders on the Expense Management app ensure that all expenses are approved on time.

Expense sheet

Single-click invoicing and reimbursement

Finance teams can use their customized dashboard to start invoicing and reimbursing approved expenses with a single click.

Visibility and insights for managers

Managers get high visibility into expenses, and analytics to monitor and plan company spending.





Employees can easily submit their expenses through the mobile app and get reimbursed on time.



Managers get high visibility into employee expenses and are enabled to track company spending more effectively.

Finance Team

Finance Team

Automated paperless workflows make it easy for Finance teams to be able to close books on time.

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