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Drive a culture of engagement and performance with INRY's Employee Recognition Management solution

Allow employees to highlight and recognize the amazing efforts of peers and teams, during the course of their daily work. Make peer recognition an easy and effective process with a modern employee recognition platform, powered by the Now platform. 

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Ensure employee engagement, collaboration, and happiness with an intuitive peer and team recognition solution

INRY's Employee Recognition Management solution enables peer and team appreciation, improves employee satisfaction, and drives employees to deliver great work. Allowing employees to recognize peers and teams that display various company values, drives a culture of appreciation and engagement. Using digital workflows, easily launch peer and team recognition programs, celebrate work anniversaries, and attach certificates, points, or monetary value to recognitions. Employees can personalize and schedule approval-free eCards for recognitions and birthdays. Say goodbye to the hard-to-maintain physical recognition wall and make way for a digital wall-of-fame.

Visibility across Org

Visibility across the organization

Use the wall-of-fame page to shine the spotlight on recent employee and team recognitions, across the organization. Integrate the solution with intranet portals so that employees can share and celebrate their recognitions and success with a larger group of peers.

A holistic approach to recognition

Provide multiple options to choose from when submitting kudos, like excellence or innovation at work, display of company values, or personalized eCards for recognitions and birthdays. Our solution incorporates elements of today's social media culture, such as likes, instant feedback, shares, comments, and the option of uploading audio messages to add a personal touch.

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A rewards process that encourages your employee to do better

Link your employee recognition process with a reward point system. Employees who receive recognition will accrue specific points, which can be used to buy gifts or donated for charity. When employees see a direct correlation between their work achievements, recognitions, and rewards, they will be motivated to do better. Recognitions and related reward points feed into the performance management system to provide powerful insights into your employees' performance.

Meaningful data and insights to drive employee engagement

Utilize recognition data in combination with Performance Management, Learning Management, Rewards, and ServiceNow HRSD system data to create strategic initiatives for improving employee satisfaction and driving cultural transformation. By comparing data of different teams, departments, and locations, you can improve recognition process adoption to enhance employee engagement.

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A rewarding experience for everyone



Employees can get a quick view of their new and old recognitions. They can share their recognitions on the intranet, view recent recognitions received by their teams or peers, and show the engagement on peer and team recognitions. They can nominate peers or departments through an easy to follow recognition process.



Managers receive recognition notifications for easy review, edits and approval to ensure the consistency of the recognition process. A dashboard gives them a quick overview of the reward history for each team member, to understand how their team ranks in comparison to other teams in the organization.


Human Resources

HR teams can highlight recent recognitions on the Wall of Fame. They can create workflows for different recognition programs, and link them to a point or reward system for employees to buy gifts. Organization-wide data and insights can be used to drive strategic initiatives for improving employee experience, satisfaction, and engagement.