Upgrades & Instance Health Services

ServiceNow upgrades don't have to be inconvenient, complicated or scary

Boost your instance performance, harden your security posture, and maintain your N-1 support with ServiceNow in as little as 4 weeks.

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ServiceNow upgrades don't have to be inconvenient, complicated or scary


Why upgrades are important

ServiceNow regularly releases platform upgrades, packing innovative new features and enhancements into its solutions. ServiceNow only supports the most current and previous releases, commonly referred to as N and N-1 respectively. As a reminder, ServiceNow will auto-upgrade your instance if it is not compliant. Read ServiceNow's upgrade policy.

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Featured Quote

"The Metropolitan Airports Commission has worked with INRY on two separate occasions. The first was a project to mature our ServiceNow platform and the second time was to help our ITSM team upgrade to the Orlando version. In both cases, the developers that were assigned to our projects were very professional and great to work with. We even came in under budget on one of the projects. We will definitely consider working with INRY on future projects on our ServiceNow platform."
- Brian Rosenberger, ITSM Process Manager, MAC IT Dept.

Outcomes from timely ServiceNow Upgrades

N-1 <br>Compliance N-1
Stay current to avoid a forced and untimely upgrade and maintain support from ServiceNow
Security <br>Hardening Security
Review your instance security deficiencies and remediate to increase your instance compliance score
Upgrade <br>Validation Upgrade
Review your HealthScan and Instance Compliance before and after the upgrade to validate effectiveness
New <br>Features New
Set the stage for your ServiceNow roadmap and release cycle. There are a plethora of functionalities to review and take advantage of after the upgrade

Benefits of partnering with INRY

Keep your ServiceNow platform up to date with INRY Upgrades and Instance Health Services. Leverage our unmatched upgrade experience to plan and execute with minimum disruptions.

Rapid Time to Value

Rapid Time to Value

Typically, we've seen upgrades take 2-3 months. With our assistance and coordination, it can take around 4 weeks resulting in more time to grow and utilize the platform.

Flexible Engagements

Flexible Engagements

There's no perfect time to upgrade but it's necessary. We're here to partner and find a way to support you with your instance compliance whether or not you have a budget.

INRY Assurance

INRY Assurance

As an early adopter and ServiceNow customer, we upgrade months before a release is Generally Available (GA). We learn from our experience and share them with you through tailored outcome-based engagements.

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What's included in Upgrade and Instance Health Services

Hardening Compliance

Review and remediate deficiencies that are potentially putting your instance at risk to increase your compliance score

Planned Upgrade Process

Rely on INRY’s certified ServiceNow experts to guide you through a planned and proven upgrade process

Skipped Items Review

Have peace of mind as we review the skipped items and remediation recommendations with your admins and process owners

Repeatable Approach

Get a joint release notes review, planned upgrade process, skipped items review, and defined remediation plan

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Other Value-Added Services from INRY

Platform Support

With the INRY CloudCover program, you get an experienced team of ServiceNow professionals with diverse skills to scale and maintain the platform. After deployment, we offer extended engagement support to increase ServiceNow adoption, through training, mentoring and periodic insights.

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Implementation Services

As your ServiceNow Implementation partner, we make it our business to know yours. Our technology expertise helps connect processes to goals that align with your vision. We make sure that your current legacy system challenges don’t reappear in your new ServiceNow solution.

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Application Development

We support the full cycle of ServiceNow development services, from business analysis to change implementation, quality assurance, and post-launch training. Utilizing the Now Platform capabilities, we build custom apps to solve distinctive business challenges and meet unique industry needs. 

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