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Enabling HR to streamline communications during COVID-19

Equip HR Teams to deliver essential information that ensures a safe transition of employees returning to the workplace. Simplify employee service delivery, provide answers to questions, and allow them to submit requests across departments from a unified interface, powered by the Now platform.  

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Help employees adapt to a contact-free workplace with proactive communication and streamlined service delivery

Workforce HR Requests App is designed to help HR teams manage and deliver essential communication and services, for employees returning to the workplace. Created as a self-service portal, the solution contains a starter pack of HR services and knowledge articles to specifically address the concerns of employees returning to the workplace. This solution saves valuable time of HR teams as they balance business demands and regulatory compliance with employee preferences around health, and safety. A close collaborative approach and inputs from our clients - C.H. Robinson, St. Luke's Health System, and Progressive Leasing, helped us build this solution for empowering HR teams to manage and support employees in the new contact-free world of work.

Single Employee Self Service Portal

Unified portal for information and services

Enable HR to prioritize the delivery of information and services, and provide answers to health and safety-related questions, from a unified interface, powered by the Now platform.

Easily customizable FAQs and content

Allows HR to quickly edit FAQs on evolving health, regulatory, and safety requirements, and customize the content with minimal effort to include company-specific messaging.

Pre-written FAQs and Knowledge Articles
HR Service Request Approval Workflows

Automated workflows for service requests

Allows HR to create workflows that capture all the information required to process cross-functional service requests submitted by employees.

One portal to ensure a consistent flow of information during COVID-19



A self-service portal that allows employees to find answers to common questions and submit cross-functional service requests.


HR Team

A single channel to address employee safety concerns, proactively and reactively, while ensuring consistency of information.



A consolidated report shows top trending topics, allowing the leadership to provide early updates on upcoming changes.