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Workflows to help coordinate emergency response

ServiceNow has released these apps at no charge up to 30 September 2020 for the COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus).

Read more about the applications on  ServiceNow website or watch our two-part video series here: Part 1, Part 2


Outcomes gained by partnering with INRY

Better Risk Management

Connect with your employees

Notify employees of important information if an emergency is anticipated or occurring. Request employee response of their status and location

Better Insights

Enable self-reporting

Give employees a way to notify the organization about their health status, enable your managers and response teams to track employee reporting, and help qualified employees safely return to work


Manage exposure and operational processes

Help identify employees who might have been exposed to infectious diseases by analyzing the affected employees' meetings and profile-based location information

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Our end-to-end implementation services help you design, deploy, and adopt ServiceNow faster.

Deploy applications from the store to get started ASAP

  • Use the capabilities of the Emergency Response Management suite of applications in client environments. Currently these services are offered at no charge to hospitals and not-for-profit organizations
  • Configure client ServiceNow instance, validate foundation data (users, locations, etc.,), and conduct enablement sessions for power users
  • Implement basic integrations: Integrate Outlook calendar and leverage notifications. Evaluate the need for additional information to be collected and plan to tailor processes for the client environment.
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Identify and implement essential integrations to enrich experience

  • Integrate with communication platforms such as "Clinical Informatics" for alerting in healthcare environments, store portals in retail environments, etc.
  • Integrate with alerting systems like Notify, Twilio, Pager Duty, etc., to work with extended communication systems
  • Build robust people and location hierarchy. ServiceNow may not include users like remote workers and contingent workers or may not include accurate location hierarchy
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Tailor processes for complex organizations with multiple countries and technologies

  • Emergency response operations to help organizations plan, coordinate, and activate their resources in critical locations during emergencies.
  • Integrate with other applications and processes such as HR Service Delivery (Vacation, Leave of Absence, and Payroll), and Risk Management (enterprise risk) to drive consolidated organizational processes
  • Advanced dashboards, reporting and data management to support processes like resource management
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