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Field Service Management

Provide an efficient and proactive field service by effectively managing location-based tasks. Resolve problems for IT, customer services, supply chain, retail store operations, and more.


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Support employees, clients and partners in multiple locations

Integrate both CSM and Incident Management to ensure rapid resolution of incidents regardless of where they occur or how they are reported.



Internet of Things and dynamic scheduling

Initiate all types of work requests, whether manual or integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Automate work using drag and drop assignment capabilities. Assign tasks to technicians based on availability and skills.


Continuous Improvement

Access a wide range of process metrics using reporting dashboards to identify bottlenecks and improve service delivery.


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Our end-to-end implementation services help you design, deploy, and adopt ServiceNow faster.

Implement field services for IT or customer using ServiceNow best practices

  • Go Live in as few as 4 weeks with out of the box capabilities and accelerate value realization.

  • Leverage out of the box processes to manage work orders, SLAs, work order templates across different types of services

  • Configure central dispatch, Configure dynamic scheduling, manage appointment booking to ensure field productivity.

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Implement tailored solutions specific to client or industry such as

  • Creation of field requests through projects such as new store opening for retail, new locations for telecom or healthcare. Create requests based on incidents or cases.

  • Optimize agents based on skill, location, and inventory. Manage stock and replenishment for field or mobile stores.

  • Integrate with external systems for 3rd party services, managing tasks and track travel, work time, and cost / financials.

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Create complex or industry specific tasks such as

  • Retail: store opening, closing, multi store support, franchise support with charge backs and 3rd party integrations.

  • Telecom: new locations, multi provider fulfillment, activation, repair and integrations to customer service management.

  • Hospitals: integration to expensive medical devices for 3rd party support, cost management and reporting

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