COVID-19 Information for INRY Employees, Clients and Partners

On the afternoon of March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization officially labeled Coronavirus, or COVID-19, as a Global Pandemic. With the growing concern of Coronavirus worldwide, INRY is prepared to take action to reduce the spread of illness and protect the safety of our employees and customers. 

A message from our CEO, Anu Bulusu, on INRY's COVID-19 readiness:

To our valued Clients, Partners and Community,

As we navigate through this unprecedented time, we wanted to share our readiness.

Our employee safety: All our employees will be working from home and have been asked to prioritize their safety and well being.
Impact on our ability to meet our client obligations: At this time, we do not anticipate any challenges to delivering work. Working from home is a common practice for us, so our tools and processes are set up to support this process. We are observing communication network issues as more people stay home. If we do run into more significant issues, your project and account team members will be in touch with you.
Emergency Services
ServiceNow has released four new Emergency Response Management apps (Outreach, Self Report, Exposure Management and Response Operations) that do not currently carry a license cost. We at INRY intend to implement these applications for our Healthcare clients free of service charges. Please reach out to your Account Executive if this will provide value to your response procedures.

​​​​​​Let us know how we can help take over the workload from your IT teams as you focus on your employees and customers. We are assisting our clients with spike staffing, discounted virtual admin. As different clients have different needs, we are flexible in contracting, pricing, and other constraints to help us jointly get through this period.

We at INRY are a part of the communities you serve and want to support you as we work together to contain the spread of the virus. Please reach out to us if there is anything we can do to assist.

We wish you and all those affected good health and continued safety.

Anu Bulusu


Check out our lessons learnt from our emergency response applications.
  • What is the immediate impact to INRY employees? 

    • INRY has triggered its BusinessContinuity Management (BCM & DR) and Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan. Please review this INRY PASS Knowledge Article and get familiar with the information. 
    • BCM Managers have been identified and have the authority to act on behalf of INRY and represent the leadership. Please reach out to them if you need additional guidance.
    •      • John VanBruggen ( ) is the overall BCM Manager and will be providing regular updates.
    •      • Kamesh Talluri ( ) is the backup and will be available during India time.

    Please follow guidelines as issued by local authorities. Each country/state/city has different response mechanisms in place. The Center for Disease Control is a very good resource for a summary. These local authority guidelines take precedence over any INRY guidelines issued.

    • For the Month of March:
    All airline travel for work and events are OPTIONAL, as your safety is of the utmost concern. If you are scheduled for an event or client meeting and would prefer not to travel, notify your manager and other affected INRY stakeholders ASAP. If, due to the threat of COVID-19, anyone prefers to work remotely as opposed to coming into the office, communicate with your managers, and manage your client’s expectations accordingly.

    Clients are canceling/rescheduling onsite visits:
    If you have already booked travel and the client tells you that they are canceling the event and has asked you not to come onsite, contact the director in your department, and they will walk you through on how to handle the expense best. Offer your clients the option of meeting remotely. While it is always a best-case scenario to have in-person workshops in situations like these, we may need to make some exceptions

    • Guidelines for the team:
    • Do not work around others if you feel ill i.e., runny nose, cough, etc.)
      • If you are not feeling well, do not come into the office
    • • If you are in the office and begin not to feel well, notify your manager and go home immediately
    • • If you are working at a client’s location and begin not to feel well, inform them, and leave the premises ASAP.
    • You may be able to continue the meeting remotely.
    • • If anyone you live with is ill and is showing the symptoms of acute respiratory illness (i.e., cough, shortness of breath ), notify your manager and work remotely
    • • If an INRY employee is diagnosed with COVID-19, the privacy of the individual who was diagnosed will be maintained. Fellow employees will only be notified that they may have been exposed to COVID-19 at work. If notified, the CDC provides guidance on how to conduct a risk assessment of your exposure

    It is always a good idea to keep your workplace clean and hygienic

    •  Regularly wipe surfaces (desks, tables, doorknobs, etc.) and objects (telephones, keyboards, etc.) with disinfectant wipes. Read more to understand how to keep the workplace safe
    • Wash your hands frequently. 
         • Here are some tips from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 
    Use hand sanitizing rub between hand washings.
    Use disposable dishes and silverware (unless you bring your own)