How ServiceNow WSD Meets The Modern Workplace Mandate: Security, Efficiency & Sustainability

Date: September 28, 2022

Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


The last few years have seen traditional workplace paradigms irrevocably broken. 

Sprawling offices, rigid floorplans, open doors, and spiralling energy costs were never a good look. The COVID pandemic drove home the realization that today's workspace requires greater innovation and flexibility. 

Workplace Service Delivery in the Post-COVID World:

In the shadow of a receding COVID threat, a critical set of requirements have emerged for the modern workplace:

1)  Security - to ensure that visitor management is a discipline exercised by every shared workplace – not just those dealing with sensitive information. Given the growing rash of incidents highlighted in the news, workplace security is no longer a luxury. It is a requirement for colleague peace of mind and operational continuity.  

2)  Efficiency - to provide employees with a means to reserve meeting rooms, hoteling workspaces, or other shared facilities. Organizations can efficiently align services like cleaning, maintenance, and repair to ensure the best use of their budget by understanding how and when workspace resources are used. This level of visibility also allows organizations to reduce the number of fixed offices allocated for those not regularly on-site, providing a more flexible and efficient work environment.

3)  Sustainability - to allow data related to workplace utilization to inform energy and water consumption requirements and optimization and help the organization understand its true facility requirements. By leveraging this data, companies can free up excess real estate and facilities spending for more strategic purposes – and, more importantly, a greener footprint. 

Join the conversation with Allison Fulton, Outbound Product Manager at ServiceNow and Pat Dawson at INRY as they share stories of customers who have realized transformative security, efficiency, and sustainability benefits through the Power of Platform.

As customer stories demonstrate, the ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) solution provides these and other benefits in stand-alone form and is even more powerful when deployed alongside HRSD and IT workflow services.  

By helping employers tie employee experience to critical enabling services like visitor management, facilities reservations/space management, indoor mapping, and move management, ServiceNow's solution can help organizations lean forward to meet the needs of their hybrid workforce.

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