What kind of returns can we expect after implementing ServiceNow?

ServiceNow business value calculator estimate the time and cost savings from ServiceNow implementation. There product area specific business value calculator and the link for CSM business value calculator below

Where can we find tools and reference material for calculating ROI?

ServiceNow has developed an ROI tool to calculate the business value clients can dervie by implementing various applications. You can find the link for ITSM ROI in the link below

Why do you suggest opting ServiceNow out-of-the-box capabilities?

ServiceNow applications are created by considering industry best practices. Sticking to out of the box enables you to align your process with insutry standards processes. Along with that, it also reduce the downstream maintenance costs, upgrade costs and time and also can implement quickly.

Our Organization and our processes are unique. Do you still recommend implementing ServiceNow out-of-the-box capabilities?

We would suggest to stick to out of the box capabilities as much as possible, but processes unique to the organization can be custom configured in ServiceNow.

Where do you suggest we go for customization of ServiceNow?

Customization can be applied for processes very unique to your organization. 

We have many legacy and custom processes. What do you recommend while transitioning to ServiceNow?

We would recommend to review all your existing processes with the business owners before implmenting everything in ServiceNow. Try to align every process with industry standards and try to identify the business value associated with it. INRY can help in identufying the redundent processes and processes that could removed while implmenting ServiceNow.

ServiceNow developers - Skills / technologies

Our lead consultants are having more than 3 years of experience in ServiceNow platform and are certfied system admin and implementation specialists in multiple areas.
Our consultants are trained ServiceNow specialists and certified system admins.

Does ServiceNow maintenance efforts and costs depend on number of users?

No. Maintainance, support and upgrade cost depends upon customizations on the pltform not the users.

How long does it take to implement ServiceNow?

“We offer three tiers of implementation services – Essentials, Targeted, and Advanced. Typically these services take
Essentials – 2-4 weeks
Targeted – 4-8 weeks
Advanced – Depending upon the process complexity”

Can we migrate our legacy data to ServiceNow?

We have experience migrating legacy data from various systems to ServiceNow. There is significant effort associated with importing historical data, so careful consideration of how the historical data is going to be used is recommended. We have mulitple approaches to migration depending upon how this going to be utilized

Do you suggest going with agile or waterfall approach for ServiceNow implementation?

IntegRhythm’s has Proprietary delivery methodology called PASS (Process Area Specific Sprints) for ServiceNow implementations.PASS methodology has been derived by combining best practices from Agile and PRINCE2 methodologies. This is designed to rapidly deploy and introduce ServiceNow functionality into the organization’s departments with a targeted focus. 

Who should drive ServiceNow implementation? Technology or business? What level of senior leadership engagement is suggested?

“Implementation should be a combined effort from technology and business. All business cases needs to be properly validated before being implemeneted.
Senior leadership needs to be involved in defining the vision, plan of action and roadmap for the implementation. Leadership team needs to review the progress and alignment for the defined strategy at regular intervels.”

What are the typical implementation timelines?

“We offer three tiers of implementation services – Essentials, Targeted, and Advanced. Typically these services take
Essentials – 2-4 weeks
Targeted – 4-8 weeks
Advanced – Depending upon the process complexity”

What all training do you suggest for transitioning the users to the platform? Do you suggest having internal trainers and mentors?

“Training needs can be different for different customers, so first of all training needs of the enterprise population needs to be identified.Typically IntegRhythm perform informal training sessions to enable the power users to transition to the platform.
These power users can be internal trainers and mentors and can drive the successful adoption of the platform.”

How can we ensure smooth transition from existing system to ServiceNow?

“IntegRhythm emphasizes driving successful organizational change and adoption of new platform. IntegRhythm implementation methodology provide enablement and adoption services which ensures smooth transition”

How does a typical implementation journey look like?

Typical implementation approach is as follows.

  • Foundation
  • Project team setup
  • Define base requirements
  • Define Non-ServiceNow Needs
  • Iteration planning based on prioritized objectives
  • Workshops, Technical and Process Design
  • ServiceNow UI/Portal samples and prototyping
  • Define Configuration requirements
  • Process Mapping
  • Rapid Design
  • Rapid Process Configuration
  • Configuration
  • Unit testing
  • UAT & Deploy
  • User validation & acceptance
  • Resolve UAT issues
  • Deploy to Production
  • Warranty & Closure

Enablement and Adoption Services

What is your Essentials service offering?

Essentials offerings provides clients with a pure ServiceNow out-of-the-box experience with zero configuration. Clients are immediately enabled to leverage the modernization, automation, and intelligence powered by the ServiceNow platform. Essentials enables clients to start using the platform within 2 to 4 weeks.

You offer going live within 2 ~ 4 weeks. Can you explain the process?

This is our essentials service offerings.  This is pure ServiceNow out-of-the-box experience with zero configuration. INRY conducts workshops and power user enablement to show the ServiceNow out of the capabilities.

What is your Enablement and Adoption services? What all are all included in it? Do you charge extra for it?

Enablement and Adoption servicesis an extended engagement after the deployment. Our team will be there with client team while your users start using the system. We support you with periodic insights and mentoring

What are CoFigure applications? How do they differ from ServiceNow?

CoFigure is an IntegRhythm sister organization. CoFigue specialise in building business applications in ServiceNow.

Do we need to pay separately for CoFigure applications?

Yes. There is subscription fee for CoFigure applications and these and be bought from ServiceNow Store 

What is PASS? How does it differ from other implementation approaches?

‘Process Area Specific Sprints’ (PASS) is our delivery methodolgy tailored for ServiceNow implementation. This helps deploy ServiceNow capabilities faster. We focus on delivering tangible return on investment by evaluating business objectives and breaking requirements down into logical Process Areas to create functional deliverables.

How are INRY training different from ServiceNow training?

INRY training is focussed towards enabling the end users for successful adoption of the platform. We provide training after the implementation and this enables us to relate the client specific business process during the traning services ServiceNow training is focused towards learning the product and its capabilities. 

Do you have resources in client locations?

IntegRhythm resources usually come onsite during the workshops and UAT phase.

Does your implementation support staff work remote? If yes, from where?

Yes. We have our delivery center located at Hyderabad, India

What kind of access do your implementation staff need to our environment? How do you ensure security and privacy of our data?

We need dedicated development instance and admin access to our team members in the development instance.

Why do you offer three different tiers of service?

Tiers of service depends upon the client process uniqueness, willingness to adopt to induatry standards and client readiness. We have three separate offerings based on different levels.

Can ServiceNow integrate with SAP / Oracle / Apptio / ...?


How to avoid ServiceNow from being a shelfware?

Our adoption services helps the client with regular monitoring and insights.

How many system admins and ServiceNow specialists’ do we need after going live?

This depends upon the scale of implmentation. We would recommend to have at least one system admin and one each specilists for every application area.

How is the maintenance cost of the platform after the deployment?

There isn’t any major maintenance cost apart from upgrade cost. ServiceNow releases new version twice in a year and we recommend to upgrade to the latest version at least once in a year

What kind of post implementation support does INRY provide?

We typically provide two weeks of warranty support after the production deployment. This is outside of our enablement and adoption services which emphasize on organizational adoption

Typical investment on maintenance after deployment (financial and non-financial)

Our recommendation is to have a ServiceNow admin to manage the instance. If the client prefer internal team for enhanceements and support activities, we would recommend to have one specialist for each process area.

What are the supported browsers and operating systems for using ServiceNow?

“All major browsers and operating systems are supported
Chrome, Firefox or Firefox ESR, Edge 11 and up, Internet Explorer, Safari 9.1 and up, Tablet mode is supported”

Does ServiceNow has a desktop application?

ServiceNow does not have desktop application. It can be accessed using internet through browsers anytime and anywhere

Does ServiceNow offer offline working?

No. ServiceNow needs internet to access and it can be accessed from anywhere anytime

Does ServiceNow offer mobile access?

Yes. ServiceNOw has a mobile app and can be accessed on mobile through browsers also.

How can we contact ServiceNow for support?

ServiceNow has Support Centers located in the US, UK, Netherlands, Australia and India with each having contact numbers, so that clients can speak directly with a duty manager, or else a universal, international free phone number is also available.

What is the expected turnaround time for any issue submitted to ServiceNow?

ServiceNow provides customer support 24 hours a day for 7 days a week throughout the year.

What kind of training and certifications are required for ServiceNow admins?

Certified System admin is the minimum requirement for admins.

Do we need to upgrade to latest version of ServiceNow?

As a best practice we would suggest to upgrade the instance to the latest version once in a year. With a well planned upgrade with proper testing carried out, your organisation will benefit from the new features and fixes made available in the new version.

What do we miss if don’t upgrade to newer version of ServiceNow?

The new ServiceNow releases contains enhancements to existing modules, bug or defect fixes and new features. Keeping the instance up to date by upgrading once a year is an excellent way to make use of the available features and fixes.

What is ServiceNow policy for supporting older versions? How can we move to the latest version from a non-supported version?

ServiceNow supports the current version and two versions before it. 

What does it take to upgrade to the latest version of ServiceNow?

“INRY conducts structured workshops with individuals across affected business units to focus on current uses of the ServiceNow, the upgrade process and key differences between the versions. Our upgrade approach consists of 3 main phases

  1. Preparation
  2. Pre-upgrade testing
  3. Production upgrade”

ServiceNow performance variation - Locations / browsers / devices

ServiceNow is configured to provide uniform experience across platforms. However depending on the browser you use, browser settings can affect the peformance of your instance.

Does ServiceNow support single sign on?

“Yes. ServiceNow supports SSO and INRY has configured SSO in almost every implementations.
The Multi-Provider SSO feature allows organizations to use several SSO identity providers (IdPs) to manage authentication as well as retain local database (basic) authentication.”

Can we create custom reports in ServiceNow?

“Yes. Custom reports can be built based on the user requirements.
ServiceNow system includes a range of predefined reports that provide data on your applications. “

What kind of reports do we get on ServiceNow instance performance?

Reports can be generated for knowing the current state of instane data, such number of open incidents by priority. Reporting feature is available for all tables except system tables, by default.

Service Level Agreements

A Service Level Agreement is a record that specifies the time period within which the service must be provided.

Where can I get a trial version of ServiceNow?

ServiceNow offers a demo/development instance which can be used for understanding the functions of the platform better. Users can request an instance from the link provided

What kind of reports and dashboards are possible in ServiceNow?

ServiceNow provides a range of predefined reports like bar reports, proportional reports, time series, scores and more. Reports can also be created from scratch. Dashboards can be reponsive or non-responsive, and can be created by any user.

Analytics capabilities

ServiceNow offers Performance Analytics and Reporting to track, aggregate and visualize key performance indicators over time, as well as create reports. Dashboards display multiple performance analytics and reports on a single screen.

Custom applications or solutions - How?

Custom applications can be created in the ServiceNow platform using Contextual development environment, Platform features and shared system data

ServiceNow cloud security

An instance is hosted in ServiceNow’s SaaS environment, which is private, no public cloud hosting cpabilities are used to deliver the service. Instances are logically separated from others in the cloud environemnt using multi-instance architecture.

ServiceNow cloud storage - where is data stored? Does it cross borders?

“ServiceNow’s data centers are arranged in pairs. There are six support centers and eight data center pairs for a total of 16 data centers. Data center pairs span five continents: Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.
All customer production data is stored in both data centers and kept in sync using real-time database replication”

Does ServiceNow offer out-of-the-box onboarding forms?

Yes. ServiceNow out of the box onboarding and transitions application provide predefiened tasks, activities, acticvity sets and forms. If any custom forms needed, those can be configured in the system.

Can we integrate ServiceNow onboarding solution with our legacy recruitment application?

ServiceNow has extensive capabilies to integrate with most of the avaiable HRMS systems like WorkDay, PeopleSoft, ADP etc. INRY has experience integrating with more 30 third party systems.

What kind of pre-boarding activities does ServiceNow HR solutions support?

ServiceNow supports Pre-boarding activities like selecting equipment, setting up office/workspace. Any new pre-boarding activites can be configured in the application based on client requirements

Can we use ServiceNow for Employee Transitions?

The Enterprise Onboarding and Tansitions application allows for smooth management of transition events such as onboarding, offboarding, relocation, leaves of absence and other processes that span across multiple departments

ServiceNow HR - Digital Signature for HR Onboarding

The Signature pad feature captures an electronic signature that can be associated with a document or task. The HR Service Delivery application uses signature pad with onboarding documents like offer letters, background check approval, company policy acknowledgement, and more.

ServiceNow HR - Print / Send as PDF

Document template and PDF document template are available in ServiceNow and thos can generate documents that can be viewed or printed.

What industry standards and regulations does ServiceNow GRC solution support?

ServiceNow GRC helps manage the governnce framework, including policies, laws and regulations, and best practices in one system. GRCcustomers can identify relevant business, risk andIT owners and systems, and automate.

ServiceNow GRC - SOX Content Pack

The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Content Pack provides basic SOX content for an organization to commence and manage activities towards attaining operational SOX compliance using the ServiceNow GRC application. A content pack may include pre-defined scope, specific policies, controls, risks, audit, test plans, dashboards and reports providing users of ServiceNow GRC a head-start in using the applications towards SOX compliance-related activities.

ServiceNow GRC - Vendor Risk Management

The Vendor Risk Management application provides a centralized process for managing your organization’s vendor portfolio and completing the vendor assessment and remediation lifecycle.

Types of users in ServiceNow

“Three basic user types are

1. Admin – System admin and have access to everything in the instance
2. Fulfillers – These users manager the incidnets, tasks, cases etc.
3. End users – Consumers of the instance

Custom user types can be created and can assign different roles based on the business requirements”

Do ServiceNow admins have access to all business and employee data?

The primary administrator role (admin) has access to all system features, functions, and data, regardless of security constraints. But admin access can be restricted using scoped applications. Once the access revoked, admin cannot access data in the scoped apps.

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