SCL Health Elevates the Provider Onboarding Experience
Employee Experience Success Story

SCL Health Elevates the Provider Onboarding Experience

SCL Health Elevates the Provider Onboarding Experience

SCL Health’s physician pre-boarding and onboarding process was proving to be a barrier to growth and a source of frustration both for support staff and for new providers joining the organization. Faced with the demands of increased onboarding activity due to organic growth and increased pandemic-driven hiring, SCL Health decided it was time for transformational change in the process.

SCL Health engaged in a series of internal workshops to fully document the current process and its complex choreography to understand how it could be simplified, standardized, and accelerated. They worked with INRY to model an improved, highly automated process leveraging the capabilities of the ServiceNow Employee Experience platform.

Improved Provider Experience

By providing a single, standardized system for providers interacting with their new employer, the SCL Health solution reduced the friction associated with fulfilling dozens of information requests from contacts across the organization.

Reduced Onboarding Overhead

By automating much of the information capture and dissemination process associated with provider onboarding, the solution dramatically reduced the amount of manual intervention required by HR, Finance, and IT staff as part of the onboarding process.

Quicker Time to Patient Care

By streamlining the onboarding process, the solution made it possible to shorten the overall time between accepting an employment offer and the first day in which the provider can serve patients, leading to better patient outcomes and improved provider experience.

Improved Process Transparency, Compliance

Onboarding licensed care professionals requires adherence to both internal and regulatory guidelines. By standardizing and automating much of the process, SCL Health slashed onboarding cost and complexity and the level of compliance and process visibility.
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