B2B High Tech

Every B2B customer has unique priorities, processes, and practices. As a B2B organization, we understand what it takes to deliver customer value and experience.

Addressing the unique needs of B2B customers requires thinking beyond technology and  flexible B2B service models. Any great technology is as good as how it is implemented and used. We leverage our consultative driven approach and formidable ServiceNow expertise to bring the power of ServiceNow CSM to B2B High Tech clients.

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We strongly believe that while the implementation phase lays a foundation, actual impact comes from how effectively new solutions are implemented. It’s not a one time activity as systems should be maintained to stay relevant and efficient to changes in context. Our services and engagement approach focus on both pre-implementation as we as post implementation needs organizations have. Experience our proven consultative approach using powerful ServiceNow solutions while make you transition effortless throughout all phases of the implementation.

Intelligent Rhythm Of Work

B2B High Tech Specific Solutions


Key Benefits


Single and Integrated data model

Integrate ServiceNow with other applications and databases to provide a seamless user experience and service performance.


Persona-based workspaces

Develop work spaces with relevant data, tools, and actions by person for enhanced productivity and user experience.


Information and insights on demand

Get insights on demand with an integrated ServiceNow CSM solution specifically tailored for B2B customers.


Enhanced collaboration and coordination

Enhance cross department collaboration with intelligent workflows, notifications, communications, and insights.


Flexible model with minimal waste in terms of inventory and other resources

Reduce inventory waste and over staffing with integrated solutions for just in time provisioning and support.


Improve user engagement and experience

A single system for all customer services. Simple, integrated, automated, and intelligent workflows.


Create Transparency

Create transparency through on demand access to services, clearly defined service levels, and knowledge.


Increase Customer Service Staff Productivity

Increase customer service productivity by automating tasks and providing on demand intelligence.

Increase Engagement

Enhance Contractual Compliance and Performance

Built in controls, automation, insights, and a single system of truth to help reduce risks associated with compliance.


Operational and Financial Efficiencies

Gain improvements in operational and financial efficiencies through automation, self service, and waste reduction.

With INRY, Get to Intelligent Rhythm of Work

Deploy quickly, in as little as 2 weeks

We offer accelerators, supported by our implementation methodology, that help deploy the first phase of the solution in as little as 2 weeks. Our innovative PASS™ and EASE® methodologies focus on providing solutions that deliver Efficient Agile Secure Experiences for our clients.


INRY’s implementation services are designed to deliver EASE – Efficient Agile Secure Experiences. We ensure that your transition journey to ServiceNow is as smooth as possible.

Accelerate Value Realization Through Enablement

Value Realization is directly proportional to platform adoption. Our proven enablement and adoption services help organizations drive ROI. Service includes up to 3 quarterly health checks and usage maps post-deployment.

360◦ relationship with ServiceNow

As a ServiceNow Gold Partner with over 100 implementations and excellent CSAT scores, we have vast experience across all ServiceNow applications. Our 360 degree relationship with ServiceNow; design partner, technology partner, sales partner, implementation partner and as client, gives us a holistic understanding of the platform and enables us to drive value for our clients.


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