B2B Provisioning And Order Management


INRY assists B2B organizations with leveraging ServiceNow to design and implement effective and flexible processes for order management and provisioning. Move away from inefficient, disparate, and broken legacy processes to an intelligent system that enhances user experience while significantly reducing service costs and delivery timelines. Automate provisioning with pre-configured rules and entitlements. Provide self service options to users, design efficient workflows for exception and approvals, and configure ‘push’ and ‘pull’ communications.

We can help you implement end to end provisioning processes (including integration with other systems) using ServiceNow solutions.

Intelligent Rhythm Of Work

Implementation Approach

Planning and Design Workshops

Planning and design workshops.

ServiceNow Core Setup

ServiceNow core setup.

Service Catalog and User Portal Upgrades with Provisioning and Order Mgmt. Services

Service catalog and user portal upgrades with provisioning and order management services.

Workflow Optimization and Configuration

Workflow optimization and configuration.

Intuitive and Lean User Interfaces

Intuitive and lean user interfaces.

Intelligent Controls and Business Rules

Intelligent controls and business rules.

Reports and Dashboards

Reports and dashboards.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and notifications.

Enablement and Adoption Services

Enablement and adoption services.

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