B2B Relationship Management


INRY helps you provide transparency to the relationship management team with all the required insights and information on contracts, entitlements, performance, and usage. Enable them to see the big picture as well the granular details effortlessly using dedicated Workspaces built for them. Focus on continuous improvements in the maturity of the relationship with alignment of culture, priorities, and collaboration.

Move away from perception based relationships to performance and trust-based relationships backed by data.

We offer design and development of reports and dashboards using ServiceNow platform and products that provide your users timely and actionable insights to relationship management executives.

Intelligent Rhythm Of Work

Implementation Approach

Planning and Design Workshops

Planning and design workshops.

ServiceNow Core Setup

ServiceNow core setup.

Design and Development of Workspaces

Design and develop dedicated Workspaces for Relationship Management.

Integrate Key Elements like Knowledge, Customer Service Data, Product Performance Data, Engineering Standards etc.

Integrate all relevant elements including service performance, contracts, financials, and customer service.

Out-of-the-box Reports as well as Ability to Generate Custom Reports

Out of the box reports as well as the ability to generate custom reports.

360 Degree Focused Relationship Dashboards

360 degree focused relationship dashboards.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and notifications.

Enablement and Adoption Services

Enablement and adoption services.

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