Co-Development Of Products And Services


Whatever the context is for collaboration and coordination, be it co-development of products and services or simply working on internal initiatives; enhance it with intelligent and integrated workflows, notifications, communications, and insights.

Make customer service data, knowledge assets, communication workflows, lifecycle events and more available to stakeholders from a single window for effective collaboration between organizations. Significantly reduce new product and services launch cycles with simultaneous engineering powered by ServiceNow solutions.

We offer implementation of comprehensive ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions or light weight workflows designed using ServiceNow platform tailored to your needs.

Intelligent Rhythm Of Work

Implementation Approach

Planning and Design Workshops

Planning and Design Workshops.

ServiceNow Core Setup

ServiceNow core setup.

Design and Development of Workspaces

Design and development of Workspaces.

Design and Configure Enabling Workflows, Controls, and Communications

Design and configure workflows, controls, and communications.

Integrate Key Elements like Knowledge, Customer Service Data, Product Performance Data, Engineering Standards etc.

Integrate key elements like knowledge, customer service data, product performance data, engineering standards, etc.

Reports and Dashboards

Reports and dashboards.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and notifications.

Enablement and Adoption Services

Enablement and adoption services.

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