Persona-Based Workspaces


INRY helps organizations build persona-based workspaces to provide the personalized and secure experience that employees expect. Tailored to the specific needs of each type of user, persona-based workspaces remove clutter and cumbersome navigation. By moving to intuitive workspaces you gain all the elements you need, when you need them, all at one place.

We offer design and development of persona-based portals using ServiceNow platform and products that provide your users timely and actionable insights.

Intelligent Rhythm Of Work

Implementation Approach

Planning and Design Workshops

Planning and design workshops.

ServiceNow Core Setup

ServiceNow core setup.

Design and Development of Workspaces

Design and develop workspaces for each person.

Responsive Design for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop Use

Responsive design for mobile, tablet, and desktop use.

Integrate Data and Knowledge Sources

Integrate data and knowledge sources.

Reports and Dashboards

Reports and dashboards.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and notifications.

Enablement and Adoption Services

Enablement and adoption services.

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