Retail Industry

The Retail Experience

Transformed With INRY and ServiceNow

“50% of our time was being used for updating data into systems. We now have a single system that guides us through a standardized process.”

-Store Helpdesk Manager, Casey’s

“We love the new portal. I personally like how user-friendly it is and how it has everything in one place.”

– HR Manager, Casey’s

“It took a few iterations but now there is one spot to go. No more back and forth with emails and phone calls”

– Sr. Manager of Business Services,
Life Time Fitness

and Field Services

Built a single intuitive mobile-optimized portal as a starting point to enable employees submit Facilities and Field Services requests. Create tickets, assign work orders, start work, communication & coordination. Mobile platform reduced average service time. Better leadership visibility with dashboard.


Streamlined store operations across Helpdesk and Services, Store Develoment, Advertising, Regional Training and Development, Legal Services, Real Estate, ERP data, master data and reporting requests.

Store Helpdesk
and Services

Leveraged automation to streamline interactions, intelligently route Store Helpdesk cases between teams, and efficiently manage the workload of field service executives. Create tickets, assign work orders, start work, communication and coordination. Prevented service outages and maximized operational agility.


“Bulk management” of IT devices like registers, store servers etc.for roll outs, patching etc. Matured IT Support across infrastructure and applications by standardizing and modernizing support. Enhanced business value and user experience with agile management of IT projects, services, and operations.

Store Opening

Handle new store openings with ease. Enabled seamless coordination across 10+ teams like Leadership, Legal, Leasing, Construction etc. during store openings, acquisitions or replacements. Built Agile NSO by replacing excel with centralized planning platform with tasks, workflows, dashboards etc.

Training &

Manage both online and offline learning programs through a single interface. Enabled effective planning and scheduling of trainings by looking at business and operational priorities. Gain deeper insights for planning workforce capabilities, recruitment effectiveness, etc.


Enabled ServiceNow as a single system of record provides the legal team a single view of all the cases to help complete tasks in shorter time frames. Customizable automated workflows along with specialized digital tracking help the client team members to save up to 1 hour per day per case.

Real Estate &
Store Development

Build a single intuitive mobile-optimized portal as a starting point enables employees to submit requests including for Real Estate and store development queries. Manage real estate and store development projects engaging cross functional teams using PPM solution.

Marketing &

A tailored implementation of ServiceNow PPM helped advertising teams to move to a standardized process with automated workflows for approvals. Built a unified employee portal for advertising and store employees. Complete visibility and trackability of design requests.

GRC and

Better control over risk and security operations, and improved compliance with built in policies, controls, automation, and end to end services for retail specific regulations including PCI DSS, GDPR, EPA, and ISO.


Make it easy for the finance team to deliver timely and accurate information. Implemented ServiceNow Financial Management to reduce tickets registered by 45% within 3 weeks. Eliminate back and forth with emails and phone calls.


Streamlined HR tasks across new hires, transfers, promotions, etc. Simplified regional training, and onboarding new managers. Removed high dependency on paper forms, spreadsheets etc.with consolidated HR Service Delivery.

Why INRY? Value with EASE

Deploy quickly, in as little as 2 weeks

We offer accelerators, supported by our implementation methodology, that help deploy the first phase of the solution in as little as 2 weeks. Our innovative PASS™ and EASE® methodologies focus on providing solutions that deliver Efficient Agile Secure Experiences for our clients.


INRY’s implementation services are designed to deliver EASE – Efficient Agile Secure Experiences. We ensure that your transition journey to ServiceNow is as smooth as possible.

Accelerate Value Realization Through Enablement

Value Realization is directly proportional to platform adoption. Our proven enablement and adoption services help organizations drive ROI. Service includes up to 3 quarterly health checks and usage maps post-deployment.

360◦ relationship with ServiceNow

As a ServiceNow Gold Partner with over 100 implementations and excellent CSAT scores, we have vast experience across all ServiceNow applications. Our 360 degree relationship with ServiceNow; design partner, technology partner, sales partner, implementation partner and as client, gives us a holistic understanding of the platform and enables us to drive value for our clients.


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