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Exceed customer expectations by creating connected banking experiences with INRY Banking Solutions

Move at the speed of a digital business to remain competitive. Simplify and modernize your banking operations to empower your staff and deliver customer-centric experiences.


Modernize your banking organization to keep up with the increasing complexity and growing security challenges

INRY's Banking Solutions, powered by ServiceNow, simplify operations to help banks gain market share and stay ahead of the competition by delivering seamless customer experiences that drive loyalty. Utilize digital workflows and automation to streamline the management of HR, compliance, security, and IT operations and processes.

Adopt the best digital workflows that connect all teams and streamline banking operations


Loan Services

  • Provide your customers a central portal for collaborating on documents and guidelines and gain eligibility for document management
  • Enable borrowers to digitally submit applications, especially when they may not be able to walk into a bank or have access to scanners
  • Validate the conditions for loan forgiveness to make faster and efficient decisions during critical times
  • Enable loan officers to capture information and relevant documents, and connect with customers to follow up and recover loans

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Employee Lifecycle Management

  • Create an intuitive mobile-friendly portal for your employees to submit requests from any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Resolve tier-one cases through knowledge articles and self-service options, to bring down case volumes and improve efficiency
  • Replace paper forms with electronic forms on ServiceNow to help HR cut down the average onboarding time per hire from hours to minutes
  • Provide HR leadership with insights to measure, analyze, and constantly improve HR efficiency through real-time dashboards and reports

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Asset Management

  • Proactively manage hardware inventory and service facility requests for all your branch offices
  • Get real-time visibility into the availability of ATMs, Coin Machines, Currency Counters, Software Adapters, TCD, TCR, and other assets
  • Use performance analytics for increased visibility into the asset lifecycle for maintenance, recycling, and replacement

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Compliance Operations

  • Gain insights into control test attestations and coverage for risk, authority documents, and policy violations with the help of executive reports
  • Enable internal auditors to quickly plan, scope, and execute audit activities, and schedule interviews, walkthroughs, and control test activities
  • Replace emails and phone calls with one central engagement portal that ensures a single source of truth and easy information sharing

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Enablement and Adoption

  • Introduce your users to ServiceNow workflows and real-time data visual realization through INRY’s tailored coaching sessions
  • Achieve a single view of work by replacing email notifications with widgets that display information directly from the dashboard
  • Automate reporting to reduce time spent on generating monthly reports from hours to minutes
  • Identify and fix roadblocks in incident service management using a custom incident manager dashboard

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Operational Resilience

  • Provide your employees with a one-stop-shop to search knowledge articles, view the latest updates from IT, and request support
  • Gain visibility into all employee requests with the help of intuitive dashboards to make better business decisions
  • Reduce the average time taken to resolve incidents by tracking and fixing issues with ServiceNow Incident Management

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