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Unlock the potential of modern technology for healthcare to deliver better clinician and patient experiences

Create a digital healthcare organization that connects different departments, physicians, and clinical staff to deliver better care for patients. Drive efficiencies with technology-enabled healthcare operations that help you keep the focus on quality patient care


Connect your physicians, staff, and systems with IT to create better outcomes for those you serve.

INRY Healthcare Solutions, powered by ServiceNow, helps healthcare organizations transform patient care by streamlining IT processes and rebuilding the entire mobility platform and asset management process. From accelerating the onboarding process for physicians, managing clinical assets, to keeping up with regulations and patient standards, INRY helps healthcare organizations improve employee experiences by leveraging ServiceNow.

Make healthier changes to healthcare operations for creating a connected and intelligent system of care



  • Streamline HITRUST compliance and risk through the effective implementation of ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management and Risk Management applications
  • Reduce reliance on spreadsheets. Leverage ServiceNow as a single system of record to manage risk and compliance
  • Get "Compliance-as-a-service" and assistance with annual HITRUST assessments through our QSA partner, an approved HITRUST CSF assessor
  • Map HITRUST CSF framework in ServiceNow

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Emergency Healthcare Services

  • Enable your employees to notify you on their health status, and help managers monitor the status of their teams and reassign the employee’s work assigned to other team members
  • Optimize your resources in critical locations by automating the role assignment and resource activation during your incident planning process
  • quickly notify your employees of important information in the event of an emergency and provide a simple response interface for your employees to self-report their health status to ensure safety and anticipate staffing gaps
  • Identify employees who may have been exposed to infectious diseases by analyzing an impacted employee's meetings and locations

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Integrated Risk Management

  • Implement ServiceNow® Security Incident Response to improve coordination between teams to resolve security incidents
  • Establish integrated GRC and Security capabilities aligned with industry standards like HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, NIST, and ISO
  • Use a consolidated, unified solution to manage all information security and compliance activities
  • Assess and track third-party compliance through a collaborative portal that sends automated alerts

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Effective IT Spend Management

  • Track and manage IT project costs for supporting HITECH requirements, tracking departmental spend, reporting for grants and more
  • Plan, track, and report IT financials at a granular level by integrating and connecting multiple systems
  • Gain complete financial visibility and identify true costs of IT expenditure with real-time reports and dashboards

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Elevate Health Worker Experiences

  • Drive modern engagement solutions across medical, technical and administrative staff while retaining legacy HR applications and providers
  • Reduce onboarding costs by automating and accelerating clinicians, physicians, and admin onboarding through a quick and efficient process
  • Implement ServiceNow HR Service Delivery with Case & Knowledge Management and Self-Service to improve HR efficiency and consumerize the employee experience

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Accelerate Healthcare Facilities With The Right Medical Equipments

  • Achieve faster completion of Vendor Risk Assessments and address risks quickly through an automated assessment procedure
  • Drive faster approvals and enable quick and reliable access to vendor services through a streamlined vendor assessment process
  • Gain complete visibility into the organization’s vendor management process with the help of intuitive reports and dashboards

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