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Compete in an evolving, consumer-centric insurance market, backed by INRY Insurance Solutions

Build a digital future to innovate and enter new markets rapidly, manage risk effectively, and deliver seamless experiences that digital consumers expect from insurers


Transform your insurance organization into a modern business by delivering digital employee experiences and anytime-anywhere customer services

INRY helps insurance organizations provide self-service experiences for customers, and free their staff to take a more active role in the insurance buyer journeys. From orchestrating the right actions with the right people across the front, middle, and back-office, to gaining the ability to monitor and prioritize complex cases proactively, our solutions tailored for the Insurance industry streamline processes to increase efficiency and accelerate service delivery.

Creating seamless digital experiences for employees and connected insurance consumers


Customer Engagement Management

  • Automate front-office processes to create a digital customer journey that provides end-to-end visibility
  • Provide policyholders with a self-service functionality that allows them to address routine requests
  • Provide Insurance Brokers the ability to submit feedback and request changes to insurance products

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Customer Operations Management

  • Automate middle and back-office processes to create a digital customer service experience with end-to-end visibility
  • Empower claims processors, underwriters, and service agents with intuitive dashboards and reports to act faster and make the right decisions for policyholders
  • Eliminate multiple excel sheets and emails by using simple workflows for all personas in customer operations

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Security Incident Response

  • Provide a single place for tracking and reporting incidents and help accelerate resolution with a centralized repository on ServiceNow
  • Create security incidents from critical vulnerabilities to get immediate remediation
  • Make quick decisions using intuitive dashboards and reports for tackling vulnerabilities and security incidents
  • Use notifications and alerts to ensure communicate with teams in a timely manner and keep them updated with the right information

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Application Portfolio Management

  • Reduce application costs by eliminating duplicates and focus on the most efficient delivery methods and contacts to reduce the overall application budget
  • View the significance, usage, and other factors related to apps, to invest in the right application and get the best return on your investment
  • Enable executive oversight by the leadership so they can view application data, review the application landscape, and understand its roadmap across the enterprise

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Policy and Compliance Management

  • Automate and enable security teams to efficiently manage controls, assess and document compliance, and track remediation
  • Take advantage of ServiceNow Policy and Compliance out-of-the-box with INRY’s targeted implementation, go-live, enablement and adoption services, in just six weeks with INRY’s
  • Integrate governance, risk, and compliance across technology, cyber-security, people, property, and third-party vendors to ensure critical business services, such as First Notice of Loss or Claims Resolution, remain operational

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Business Performance Management

  • Track and manage the performance of your processes and solution lines using KPIs
  • Provide KPI owners with an efficient method of adding KPI values to track them against different services​
  • Gain visibility into the performance of Business Services to provide smarter solutions to business needs

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Common Services Data Model

  • Eliminate and prevent service outages by creating a standard blueprint for automated and integrated IT services
  • Realize full value-chain alignment, improved quality, transparency by gaining the required information on how to respond to the service outages 
  • Gain better insights into asset utilization and technical service portfolio of services provided for your business

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Project Portfolio Management

  • Gain in-depth visibility into projects and resources to better manage the demands of the business, resource allocation, and prioritization
  • View all projects on intuitive dashboards to gain better insights into the velocity of work, allowing more predictable project delivery
  • Drill down to specific tasks and plan the project, in terms of costs and resources, even before the start of the project
  • Provide project teams the ability to view all their tasks in one place to help them plan and structure their work as per the priorities and deadlines

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