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Make your manufacturing enterprise "Industry 4.0"-ready with rapid digitization of all workflows

Create a connected manufacturing enterprise by interconnecting workflows across divisions, to enable seamless information exchange and transparency, and adapt to the rapid pace of digitization 

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Transform manufacturing operations with digital workflows to bring order to the chaotic, inefficient and disconnected manual processes

Drive productivity and improve safety by leveraging a connected and digitized approach to building a smart factory. Remove barriers related to plant uptime, power by the hour, remote monitoring, equipment management, or service analytics, and take factory productivity to the next level. Work from a unified platform across all your plants, by leveraging centrally stored operational data to make informed decisions, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Modernize and build a connected manufacturing enterprise

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Connected and digitized purchasing and procurement operations

  • Use smart workflows to improve the efficiency of the complete procurement lifecycle, from request generation, request management to order tracking, order fulfillment, and invoice payments
  • Provide your vendors with extensive details for each item (including design specifications, samples, and drawings), along with the Purchase Order to simplify the purchasing process
  • Enable the purchasing analyst to efficiently coordinate with vendors and ensure strict adherence to schedules with centralized tracking of Purchase Orders at the level of an individual item
  • Help purchase managers quickly source items for transfer or purchase orders by providing them the ability to route service catalog requests and create catalog tasks to the right specialist
  • Eliminate drawbacks associated with paper trails and ensure that the correct level of authorization is applied to each transaction to expedite purchasing activities through automated digital approval workflows
  • Gain greater transparency, allowing leadership to ensure the assignment of sufficient resources to critical projects and meet project milestones and deliverables

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Modern and connected manufacturing enterprise

  • Create a central portal for vendors to submit issues, information, and questions, and deploy a single system for tracking and resolving vendor queries
  • Minimize repetitive tasks by automating equipment lifecycle management and repairs in the field. Create an efficient, and intelligent approach to preventative plant maintenance that enhances productivity
  • Streamline and automate warranty/product support for customers, including recall management, and quickly respond to environmental and other safety-related concerns from the government or the general public
  • Gain a comprehensive view of your supply chain by automating repetitive tasks with an intelligent approach to preventive maintenance and increase internal productivity for inventory management and on-time delivery
  • Create a unified platform to predict when equipment maintenance is necessary to prevent deviations and create a safe working environment for your factory workers
  • Create a single place for your workers to easily check which tasks they need to perform and how to do it. Enable managers to direct the right service part and right service worker to the right asset, on time to solve the issue before the occurrence of a failure or degraded performance

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Enhanced worker experience

  • Create a safer workplace for your factory workers by providing them a single point to access information related to health guidelines, environment safety, personal safety, and health standards
  • Build an HR Worker Service Center that allows your service workers to raise and track requests related to HR regulations, leave of absence, PTO, payroll, have access to knowledge articles, and much more
  • Automate all the arduous, time-consuming tasks, freeing your HR to focus their energy on creating seamless onboarding and offboarding experiences for your seasonal hires so they can start contributing from day one
  • Provide your leadership with data they need to measure, analyze, and constantly improve HR efficiency through real-time dashboards and reports
  • Enhance efficiency to manage, prioritize, and route all employee inquiries and requests through one system and gain complete visibility into the volume and type of employee inquiries and requests

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