3 Quick Tips to Leverage ServiceNow GenAI to Transform Knowledge Management
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3 Quick Tips to Leverage ServiceNow GenAI to Transform Knowledge Management

3 Quick Tips to Leverage ServiceNow GenAI to Transform Knowledge Management

ServiceNow Generative AI (Gen AI) from Vancouver release enables a machine to create content in response to specific prompts. For instance, it can be utilized for crafting responses to work-related notes or for generating comprehensive, knowledge-based articles.

In this blog, we cover quick tips to leverage ServiceNow Gen AI and discuss how to accelerate productivity using Gen AI capabilities.

Achieve Faster and More Accurate Responses with AI

it's crucial to keep in mind that a thorough review and meticulous testing of generative AI models are indispensable steps before their deployment in production environments. Organizations must ensure that the AI model trains on large, detailed datasets and can promptly adapt to changing requests. The ServiceNow's Vancouver release allows customers to connect to a custom large language model, providing faster and more accurate responses.  

3 Quick Tips to Leverage Generative AI on the Now Platform_page-4Accelerate Productivity with Gen AI

  • Gen AI capabilities like case summarization and text-to-code aim to expedite productivity and enhance customer outcomes.  
  • The capabilities help IT, HR, and customer service teams speed up task hand-offs and delivery of streamlined resolutions.   
  • The new functionality relies on a custom-built, domain-specific large language model (LLM) designed to understand the Now platform, workflows, and automation use cases. 
  • The most powerful open-access large language model (LLM) for code generation is the 15 billion parameter StarCoder LLM. It's a collaborative effort led by ServiceNow Research and Hugging Face. This model enhances the transparency and accessibility of generative AI, fostering responsible innovation on a broader scale.

In the long term, ServiceNow envisions customers using generative AI to quickly summarize content like knowledge articles so that human and virtual agents can provide users with clear and accurate information. Organizations can leverage generative AI to automate tasks like employee benefits enrollment through Generative AI chatbot capabilities.  

ServiceNow aims to empower developers with an expedited and efficient code creation method. This involves using a natural language text prompt, which is automatically converted into executable code for the Now platform.  

Now Assist to Transform Knowledge-base Articles   

Now Assist enables human and virtual agents to easily summarize content such as knowledge articles for users. It helps optimize interactions and ensures an excellent customer experience.  3 Quick Tips to Leverage Generative AI on the Now Platform_page-1

ServiceNow is actively developing domain-specific large language models for automating human resources, customer service, and IT service management tasks. These models will offer higher accuracy compared to general-purpose models used for querying information across the Web, as they may not understand the underlying systems of record.  

This low-code platform empowers employees to make necessary changes, thereby delivering a superior user experience. It also helps organizations succeed in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, adapting to new challenges and opportunities.

These generative AI capabilities are available to all customers of the Now platform with a service subscription. Organizations can:

  • Generate content automatically, including intelligent search results, work notes, and knowledge-based articles.   
  • Augment searches with context to generate actionable answers from customer-trusted KB data.   
  • Intelligent domain and organization-specific content generation without re-training    
  • Protect data by retaining access restrictions based on ServiceNow security models.   

What Does the Current Release Support? 

The current release supports extracting Q&A results from knowledge articles via Global Search, Service Portal, or Virtual Agent. Customers exercise control over what the generative AI pipeline promotes for relevancy using AI Search Admin tuning and result improvement rules, which provides control over what the model returns.  

Future versions will support additional use cases and generative models. The benefits of RAG: using customer-specific data allows Now Assist for Search to return intelligent answers without retraining the model.   

AI Search is seamlessly integrated with ServiceNow security models, ensuring compliance with access restrictions, which is a significant customer concern. By employing RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) to concentrate Now Assist for Search on specific content sets, the risk of hallucination is purposefully reduced. This approach ensures that responses are firmly grounded in the customer's content. 

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Now Assist for Search relies on the Generative AI controller to bring the power of Azure OpenAI and OpenAI APIs into the Now platform. Now Assist for Search is compatible with Utah Patch 3+, Tokyo Patch 9+, and is expected to be generally available in the Vancouver release.  

INRY, a ServiceNow Elite Partner, can help you embark on your AI journey the right way. We understand the unique challenges and needs of every industry. Our collaborative approach involves you in every decision, tailoring AI solutions precisely to your requirements. 

Looking forward to Learn more about Gen AI latest capabilities? Browse the latest ServiceNow Vancouver Release.


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