A Financial Services Company’s Transition Roadmap from HR Service Delivery Standard to Enterprise
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A Financial Services Company’s Transition Roadmap from HR Service Delivery Standard to Enterprise

A Financial Services Company’s Transition Roadmap from HR Service Delivery Standard to Enterprise

A leading financial services provider partnered with INRY to elevate their HR Service Delivery (HRSD) from Standard to Enterprise, empowering employees with a dynamic Employee Center Portal and integrating Workday for seamless data flow. INRY streamlined HR operations, reducing case volumes, enhancing employee relations, and enabling data-driven decisions through advanced analytics.

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Optimized Workflows

Employee Center Pro streamlines tasks, reducing manual processes and boosting efficiency.

Increased Self-Service

Employees can easily access and manage HR tasks, reducing the need for intervention by HR teams.

Single Source of Truth

Integration with Workday ensured required process and employee data was available and relevant at all times.

Real-time visibility and data-driven leadership

Empowering managers and leadership to make informed decisions promptly fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

A top financial services provider delivers personalized financial plans, expert investment management, comprehensive insurance, and wealth management. With a team of experienced professionals, they provide exceptional support every step of the way, ensuring that individuals, families, and businesses are successful and safe with their finances.  

Recognizing the importance of an elevated employee experience for their team, the customer partnered with INRY, a ServiceNow Elite Partner, to strengthen their HR Service Delivery (HRSD). Consequently, they strategically opted to upgrade from the HR Service Delivery Standard to the Enterprise version of the application, leveraging the foundation laid by INRY's previous implementation of the HRSD Standard. The upgraded version’s implementation streamlines HR service delivery by establishing a dynamic, personalized, unified Employee Center Portal, centralizing employee information across the Enterprise, resulting in increased employee satisfaction through empowering self-service experiences, improved efficiency, and reduced processing time. In addition, managers and leadership gained real-time visibility to make data-driven choices, ultimately enhancing the overall employee and agent experience. 

Elevating Overall Employee Experience with HRSD Enterprise  

INRY was integral in assisting the customer with the implementation of the ServiceNow HRSD Enterprise solution. Leveraging their expertise in ServiceNow implementations, INRY successfully navigated the customer through the implementation process, ensuring a smooth transition from HRSD Standard. As a result, employees access the one-stop-shop Employee Center portal (EC Pro) for all their self-service needs. The Employee Center is equipped with features configured to enhance service delivery efficiency, promote collaboration, and boost overall team productivity. 

With the migration of the customer to HRSD Enterprise, INRY showcases its expertise in configuring HR Case Management, HR Knowledge Management, HR Services, HR Agent Workspace, and crafting insightful Dashboards and Reports to provide a holistic solution for HR Service Delivery. INRY has configured both existing Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) functionalities and introduced new features to meet the customer's unique needs. As a result,  

  • HR Case Management for managing casework is streamlined, ensuring prompt resolution of employee inquiries reducing HR Case volume by 47.9%. 
  • HR Knowledge Management as a hub for resources and comprehensive documentation, providing employees with quick access to essential information.  
  • The intuitive HR Agent Workspace offers simplified navigation when working on cases and efficient task management for HR teams. 
  • Informative Dashboards and Reports provide valuable insights into HR operations, further improving HR departmental efficiencies and decision-making. 

A Single Source of Truth Through a Seamless Integration 

As part of the transition from HRSD Standard to HRSD Enterprise, INRY integrated the customer's HRSD instance with Workday to enable access to core HCM (Human Capital Management) data. This integration ensured a smooth flow of information between ServiceNow HRSD and Workday, facilitating efficient HR operations. The integration and synchronization of employee data between platforms streamline processes and enhance data accuracy, enabling the customer to make informed decisions and provide better support for employees throughout their tenure. 

Migrating to HRSD Enterprise Enhances Work Relationships 

In order to streamline the process for managing corporate employee relations, the implementation involved enabling the Employee Relations (ER) application within the HRSD Enterprise platform. The Employee Relations application is tailored to fit to the unique needs of any organization. Through this implementation, the customer now has a centralized platform to effectively manage and track employee-related issues, ensuring that each case is handled in compliance with organizational policies and regulations. It enabled the customer to address employee concerns in a sensitive manner, promote a positive work culture, and mitigate potential risks with their workforce. With INRY's support, the customer's HR service delivery has reached new levels of efficiency and effectiveness, setting a benchmark for excellence.  

Additionally, the implementation of the Manager Hub ensured a cohesive and comprehensive platform for managers to govern team dynamics. Managers can access the Manager Hub directly from their HRSD dashboard, providing a central hub for all their HR-related tasks and team management activities. Leveraging ServiceNow's capabilities, INRY provided the customer with a holistic HR management platform tailored to their needs that streamlined HR processes, fostered collaboration, and empowered managers and leadership to make data-driven decisions for better team performance.  

Monitor Performance to Identify Areas for Improvement 

INRY’s solution facilitated a seamless transition for the customer towards a goal-driven business culture through an intuitive, integrated application designed for reporting and analyzing business performance, specifically the Performance Analytics application. By leveraging Performance Analytics, the customer can measure HR process efficiency through responsive and interactive dashboards. These dashboards display trends, comparisons, and real-time monitoring, empowering the customer with actionable insights to enhance the quality of their service delivery and processes. 

INRY, as their trusted ServiceNow partner, collaborated at all stages of the implementation to provide strategic recommendations, implement the customer’s requirements, and set the stage for ongoing future enhancement, all within a 10-week timeline. This migration aimed to revolutionize the customer’s employee experience and enable the workforce to excel within the organization through enhanced service delivery. By providing comprehensive training and support, INRY empowered the customer to fully leverage the benefits of ServiceNow’s HRSD Enterprise application, ultimately resulting in enhanced employee experience and improved productivity for HR teams. 

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