A Paradigm Shift with INRY’s Intranet Platform for a Leading Healthcare Organization
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A Paradigm Shift with INRY’s Intranet Platform for a Leading Healthcare Organization

A Paradigm Shift with INRY’s Intranet Platform for a Leading Healthcare Organization

INRY's Intranet Migration offering enhances collaboration by consolidating resources and streamlining communication. It offers real-time messaging, shared workspaces, and integrated project management tools, enabling seamless teamwork across departments and locations. This fosters better information sharing, decision-making, and a stronger sense of community, driving innovation and efficiency within the organization.

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Modernized Initiative

Transforming the legacy Intranet into a modern, user-friendly platform with ServiceNow, aligning with industry standards to boost engagement and satisfaction.

Unified Employee Experience

INRY's Intranet Platform consolidates resources, streamlines communication, and enhances productivity, fostering collaboration and empowerment among employees.

Transformative Benefits

Employee Center Pro revolutionizes communication and service delivery with self-service tools, mobile access, and personalized content, driving efficiency and growth.

OCM Approach

INRY's Organizational Change Management strategy ensures a seamless transition by identifying stakeholders, assessing readiness, providing tailored training, and maximizing adoption.

In the heart of Indiana, a beacon healthcare organization dedicates itself to serving communities, plays a crucial role in improving health outcomes, and enriches the lives of countless individuals and families throughout the state. It operates over 200 care sites and employs a network of dedicated physicians, hospitals, and specialized facilities, delivering a comprehensive continuum of healthcare services to the Community. 

The organization recognized the need for a unified platform to enhance employee experience and sought to consolidate the functionalities offered by various touchpoints into a seamless one-stop solution. The scattered communication channels and disparate tools significantly pose setbacks in effectively disseminating information and providing employees with a unified platform for accessing resources and services. This fragmentation inhibits productivity and hampers the overall employee experience, necessitating a comprehensive solution to consolidate communications and streamline operations. 

Revolutionizing Employee Experience 

Partnering with INRY, the organization endeavors to overhaul its internal communication and service delivery systems. Leveraging INRY's expertise, the customer seeks to establish the ServiceNow Employee Center Pro (EC Pro) that addresses existing bottlenecks and fosters future growth. INRY's proficiency in crafting user-friendly interfaces aligns with the customer’s goal of providing self-service capabilities, mobile access, and timely organization updates. The aim is to centralize internal communications and service requests, ensuring a smooth transition to ServiceNow. The healthcare organization anticipates enhancing employee engagement through this collaboration while laying the groundwork for continued innovation and excellence.

Transitioning to a Modern Intranet Platform  

The implementation journey begins with collaborative workshops defining requirements and objectives before deploying several key ServiceNow modules, enhancing Employee Center Pro. The solution includes: 

  • EC Pro Setup: Configuration of user roles, access controls, and permissions for EC Pro, ensuring compatibility and seamless transition from the legacy Intranet. This process also includes updating workflows and automation rules and configuring page route maps for improved navigation. 
  • Page Layouts and Wireframing: EC Pro UI design follows approved mockups and configures navigation, page layouts, and branding elements. It also encompasses building intranet wireframes, URL updates, quick links, configuring taxonomy, emergency banners, and content widgets for the intranet. 
  • Content Pages: Involves implementing employee communities application, community profiles, user registration for category subscriptions, portal widgets for news bulletin carousel, other news and social sharing widgets, video embedding, featured news functionality, content uploading, digest email, and SuccessFactors integration. 
  • Self-Service and AI Search: Implement taxonomy migration for self-service catalog items, consolidate request types, modify email layout, configure tasks with approvals, update portal URL, and configure page redirects. Additionally, enhance knowledge discovery and access across the platform by configuring AI-powered search.  
  • SharePoint Integration and Document Management: Transfer knowledge articles from the customer’s SharePoint to ServiceNow and set up the employee knowledge base, including ownership groups and templates. 

By leveraging these implementation services, the organization aims to realize its vision of a modernized and intuitive Intranet that serves as a unified portal for all employee needs, driving efficiency, collaboration, and employee satisfaction.  

Keeping Content Relevant through Content Lifecycle Management  

Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) involves overseeing the creation, distribution, maintenance, and eventual disposal of content within an organization. Effective CLM ensures that content remains relevant, accurate, and accessible throughout its lifecycle. INRY provided guidance widely adopted key best practices for the customer which include using standardized templates to maintain consistency, applying metadata and tags for efficient search and retrieval, and implementing structured approval workflows to ensure accuracy and compliance. Followed by conducting regular reviews and updates for maintaining content relevance, and monitoring to ensure content accessibility and effectiveness. 

INRY provided additional insights by leveraging analytics tools like ServiceNow's User Experience Analytics to assess content performance through metrics such as views, engagement, and conversions. User feedback was collected to identify improvement areas and developed an archival strategy for the long-term storage of retired content. An emphasis was laid on regular training of personnel using content management systems and best practices to enhance overall efficiency and adherence to CLM protocols, as well as fostering a well-organized and effective content ecosystem.

INRY's OCM Approach for Seamless Adoption  

The OCM plan for the customer entails a comprehensive approach to ensure a seamless transition to the new intranet platform. This includes meticulous planning to identify stakeholders, assess readiness, and define change objectives. Communication strategies are tailored to various user groups, with messaging templates and content blocks crafted for key milestones. Training and enablement sessions are conducted and supported by technical documentation and knowledge transfer sessions. Adoption is measured using out-of-the-box dashboards, with identified KPIs tracked to evaluate program effectiveness. Throughout the process, INRY collaborates closely with the customer to adjust strategies and deliverables, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and maximizing success. 

Our training approach caters to various user personas to include: 

  • End User Enablement: Tailored walkthroughs and guided tours ensure end users grasp platform features efficiently, fostering familiarity and empowering seamless navigation through the intranet. 
  • Content Manager Training: Hands-on sessions cover content workflows, supported by test scripts and feedback, enabling content managers to create, publish, and maintain content effectively. 
  • Power User Adoption: Engaging sessions empower power users to leverage diverse content formats, intranet navigation, and social interactions, supported by interactive guided tours. 
  • Platform Admin Training: Knowledge transfer sessions and ServiceNow courses equip admins with technical know-how, enabling efficient management and optimization of intranet functionalities. 

Transformative Benefits of the Unified Portal 

Implementing Employee Center Pro revolutionizes the customer's internal communication and service delivery processes. Employees will have access to a centralized hub for all their needs, promoting efficiency, collaboration, and empowerment. The platform's enhanced self-service capabilities and mobile accessibility allow employees to navigate it seamlessly, reducing reliance on support teams and improving productivity. Furthermore, the intuitive UI design and personalized content delivery ensure a superior employee experience, fostering organizational engagement and satisfaction. In parallel, Organizational Change Management ensures smooth transitions, aligns stakeholders, and optimizes adoption, enhancing organizational engagement and satisfaction. 

As the organization concludes its transition to the new Intranet platform with the support of INRY's OCM program, it reveals a compelling story with a unified workforce empowered by streamlined communication and enhanced productivity. The employees embrace the new platform through tailored training, comprehensive documentation, and ongoing CloudCover support, maximizing its capabilities to drive organizational efficiency. With a data-driven approach guiding continuous improvement, the customer and INRY achieve a seamless transition, laying a foundation for sustained success. As the journey continues, the organization stands poised to leverage its transformed infrastructure for further innovation and growth, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. 

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