A Quick Recap of the Omaha SNUG
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A Quick Recap of the Omaha SNUG

A Quick Recap of the Omaha SNUG

Closely following the recent, highly successful Minnesota SNUG meeting, we were excited to sponsor the next one in Omaha! While our CEO, Anu Bulusu and Director of Technology, John VanBruggen captivated the crowd in Eagan, our Co-founder, Bipin Paracha shared INRY’s ServiceNow success story with the group in Omaha. 


INRY’s one day upgrade story to Madrid and our own success with ServiceNow received with enthusiasm from the audience. As we shared in the recap of the Eagan SNUG, running our business on the NOW platform provides us greater insights for our clients to take advantage of.

The community in Omaha was eager to explore and learn more about the latest features of Madrid. Using our own one day upgrade story to Madrid helped us share our findings and insights on the new release.
Prior to consolidating our business systems with ServiceNow, we used multiple tools like Jira, SharePoint, Excel, and OpenAir to manage all the details associated with our clients, services and internal processes. Navigating all of these tools was taking away from our core focus on our clients.Transitioning to a centralized system like the NOW platform helped our teams to collaborate better and drive efficiency. Within a few months, our CSAT soared to 9.7.


We had a great time sharing insights, having thoughtful conversations, and collaborating with ServiceNow at both the Eagan and Omaha SNUGs. With all the latest updates and happenings at ServiceNow, we can’t wait to take this conversation forward with you at Knowledge19!

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