Advancing IT Transformation with ServiceNow ITSM for a Community Healthcare Organization
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Advancing IT Transformation with ServiceNow ITSM for a Community Healthcare Organization

Advancing IT Transformation with ServiceNow ITSM for a Community Healthcare Organization

Discover how a top Illinois healthcare organization partnered with INRY to transition from Ivanti to ServiceNow ITSM. This 6-week transformation enhanced self-service, streamlined IT operations, and integrated systems, reducing incident volume and boosting efficiency.

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Efficient ITSM Transition

By improving operations and refining service delivery within just 6 weeks as we transition to the ServiceNow platform.

Better employee experience

By serving employees anywhere with always-on IT services.

Insightful and transparent evaluation

Of the performance of ServiceNow ITSM products implemented.

Boosting IT Efficiency

By facilitating improved collaboration among IT teams through enhanced communication and coordination for resolving IT issues.

At the heart of healthcare excellence in Illinois stands a leading not-for-profit organization that excels in providing exceptional care and top-tier treatments through the dedication of over 3,500 passionate professionals. Offering a spectrum of services, including inpatient, outpatient, home health, hospice, behavioral health, and primary care physician services, the customer’s mission extends beyond conventional healthcare boundaries. 

Over the years of building trust, the customer’s goal is to enhance and sustain the health of everyone in the community, offering innovative and cost-effective medical treatments, and maximizing the quality of life by providing healing and support to help individuals live their best lives.  

In this pursuit, the customer collaborated with INRY to transition their current ITSM solution from Ivanti to ServiceNow, streamlining their IT service management processes leveraging a single system of action. This transition showcases the customer's commitment to technological excellence. 

Aligning Our Goals for Customer’s Success 

INRY aligned with the customer's vision by engaging to implement ServiceNow's ITSM capabilities and replace the current solution. The implementation enhanced self-service through a user-friendly portal, separated incident and problem work, assigned priorities independently, identified automation opportunities, and strengthened reporting capabilities. 

Within a short timeframe of merely 6 weeks, INRY demonstrated its technological skills by helping the customer achieve the following outcomes using ServiceNow ITSM: 

  • Improved self-service portal navigation empowered users to create incidents, track their progress, access knowledge articles, and generate custom reports. 
  • ServiceNow's IT Service Management (ITSM) suite, including Incident, Problem, Request, and Knowledge Management, was configured to seamlessly align with the customer's IT operations. 
  • Streamlined IT ticket management by integrating 1Call for tracking and assignment, Avaya for managing IT tickets and requests, and bringing SCCM data into ServiceNow for real-time updates. 

Enhanced Collaboration for Continuous IT Operations 

INRY and the customer worked together effectively, swiftly implementing the required changes within a 6-week timeframe and laying a foundation for ongoing improvements. Additionally, INRY integrated ServiceNow with the customer's existing external systems, such as 1Call, Avaya, and SCCM, ensuring accurate and accessible data.  

Reducing incident volume was a significant achievement for the customer, as it enhanced operational efficiency and reduced downtime. This improvement also contributed to cost savings and improved user satisfaction, highlighting the effectiveness of the implemented strategies.  

INRY offers a comprehensive suite of services, including consulting, implementation, customization, training, and ongoing support. This ensures customers receive end-to-end solutions and assistance throughout their ServiceNow journey.
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