Building an Agile Workplace for Your Hybrid Workforce
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Building an Agile Workplace for Your Hybrid Workforce

Building an Agile Workplace for Your Hybrid Workforce

Support the new hybrid workforce and safely define the future of the workplace.

Organizations today face unprecedented challenges to keep their workplaces safe, secure, and efficient.

Health and safety issues are no longer exceptional matters. Managing them in a scalable and adaptable fashion is imperative for organizations looking to foster optimum employee engagement. Empower your team to manage reservations, visitors, space mappings, safety protocols, and more via a mobile-friendly, enterprise-aware platform like ServiceNow. It's the best way to help your organization pivot to meet the opportunities brought by today's hybrid workforce.

In this informative discussion, Shafath Syed ServiceNow's Head of Strategy Employee Workflows and Vishal Raghavan - INRY's EX Solution Strategist shared insights on: 

  • Emerging workplace requirements - prioritize employee experience, flexibility, and productivity
  • Trends for the future - embracing hybrid digital workplace
  • How ServiceNow's Workspace Service Delivery (WSD) solution is evolving to meet these needs

Vishal walked us through INRY's customer projects where ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery has been an essential ingredient to safe operations. At a major university, the staff and students began returning to campus following an extended lockdown due to COVID-19. Learn how the WSD solution helped streamline and simplify their facilities' operations by removing barriers between departments.

Watch the on-demand session to learn more about how your workplace investments can be a powerful asset in securing your organization's success.

Highlights of the Webinar


How has the evolution of the workplace changed over the past years (2018-2019-2020)?


The hybrid workplace is now top trending on social media.


The flexibility of remote working with the hybrid workforce compared to Past and Present workplaces.


Many giant companies adapted to Hybrid workplaces and become a part of the “Return to Workplace” journey.


How does the new workplace service manage employee communication and workplace communication across departments?


Multiple touchpoints across industries where you can enable digital transformation.


Why is it important to transform the workplace of the future?


Easy UI to access reservations and service requests.


Safety and Security management of your workers.


What are some of the approaches INRY takes to create a compelling value for your business?


Know the delivery timelines with in-detailed week base plans of WSD.


Our recent results for clientele.


Picture of Shafath Syed
Guest Speaker
Shafath Syed

Head of Strategy for Emerging Products - Employee Workflows at ServiceNow

Picture of Vishal Raghavan
INRY Speaker
Vishal Raghavan

Employee Experience Solution Strategist

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