Creating Seamless Healthcare Solutions through Strategic Project Management
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Creating Seamless Healthcare Solutions through Strategic Project Management

Creating Seamless Healthcare Solutions through Strategic Project Management

A leading healthcare solutions company partnered with INRY, a ServiceNow Elite Partner, to streamline project management using the Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) suite. INRY implemented the Demand Management application to prioritize initiatives effectively, enhancing resource allocation and transparency.

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Improved Efficiency

Streamlined processes and real-time visibility have significantly reduced the time and effort required to manage demands.

Better Decision-Making

Data-driven insights and strategic alignment ensure that initiative prioritization is made based on accurate information and business priorities.

Optimal Resource Utilization

Effective resource management ensures that the right resources are available for IT projects aligned with organization objectives.

Strategic Alignment

Projects are closely aligned with strategic objectives, ensuring that all initiatives contribute to the organization achieving its overall goals.

In an era where healthcare is a priority, a leading health solutions company offers multiple channels to access healthcare locally and nationally. The customer’s strategy is centered on creating a seamless, integrated healthcare experience that prioritizes accessibility, affordability, and personalized care. With a vast network of retail pharmacies, innovative pharmacy benefit management, comprehensive health insurance options, and community-focused health initiatives, the customer is committed to improving the health and well-being of millions. Elevating Overall Employee Experience with HRSD Enterprise  

As a front-runner in the healthcare industry, the healthcare provider faced significant challenges in managing incoming project demands and initiatives. The current process for handling these demands required a more streamlined approach to vet and prioritize initiatives in alignment with the organization's strategy.  To address these challenges, the customer needed a robust, integrated solution to prioritize its strategic initiatives efficiently and effectively. Their primary focus included prioritizing IT projects in alignment with the organizational strategy, followed by expanding the solution to additional departments in the organization.  

To address these challenges, the healthcare company sought an experienced implementation partner for the Demand Management application, which is part of the Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) application suite. INRY, a ServiceNow Elite Partner was the partner of choice renowned for its expertise in ServiceNow SPM solutions for organizations, as well as the only the only partner in the ServiceNow ecosystem which uses SPM for running its business operations.  

INRY proposed and implemented SPM’s Demand Management application with workflows tailored to the unique demand management process of the healthcare provider. Remarkably, INRY implemented the entire ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management solution within just two weeks, showcasing their efficiency and expertise. The implementation adhered to ServiceNow best practices while also accommodating unique configurations to support the customer’s end-to-end demand management process on the ServiceNow platform. 

INRY also provided comprehensive early demonstrations of various ServiceNow SPM applications such as Idea Management, Demand Management, Project Portfolio Management, Resource Management, and Strategic Planning for a future implementation. 

Idea Management: Allowed the customer to capture, evaluate, and prioritize ideas from various sources.  

Demand Management: Empowered the customer to capture all incoming demands, assess their strategic alignment, and prioritize them based on business impact.  

Project Portfolio Management: Enabled the customer to plan, execute, and monitor projects for efficient delivery. 

Resource Management: Assisted the customer in allocating resources optimally across various projects and initiatives. 

Strategic Planning: Facilitated the customer in defining its strategic objectives, aligning projects with these objectives, and tracking progress towards achieving them.  

INRY implemented a robust Demand Management process on the Now platform for the customer using ServiceNow SPM for streamlining IT demand initiation, prioritization, and approval.  

The Demand Management process was implemented with the following stages, each accompanied by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to track and measure various demands throughout their lifecycle:: 

  • The Submitted stage, where the Demand Manager or Process Owner submits a new IT demand via the IT Service Portal.  
  • In the Screening stage, the Process Owner plays a crucial role in reviewing and enriching the demand. They update the Demand Substate field to accurately reflect the classification of work (enhancement/defect/project), ensuring that all relevant details are captured.  
  • Once the demand is thoroughly reviewed, it moves to the Qualified stage. Here, the Process Owner uses the Demand Workbench to compare the demand against other existing demands, assessing its priority and alignment with strategic goals.  
  • Post evaluation, the demand advances to the Approved stage, during which the Process Owner formally approves the demand, securing the necessary resources and funding, and transforming it into an actionable project.  
  • The final stage is Completed, where the Process Owner closes the demand by moving it to the completed state. However, the demand's lifecycle doesn't end here; it continues in parallel and ends with the implementation of IT enhancement/defect/project. For IT enhancements and defects, the Product Owner or Business Analyst (BA) creates a story from the completed demand, ensuring all details are available on the story for the implementation of the initiative. Subsequently, the implementation outcomes and lessons learned are documented in the story and integrated into future projects. 

INRY’s implementation ensured each stage of demand management process on the Now platform satisfied the customer’s predefined process criteria and actions, fostering consistency and efficiency throughout the lifecycle of the demand. This structured approach not only prioritized resource allocation and strategic alignment but also enhanced transparency and accountability, enabling the healthcare company to prioritize initiatives that drive the most value.  

By implementing a tailored and comprehensive Demand Management flow, INRY empowered the customer’s IT Department to evaluate each demand, ensuring that every initiative fulfilled organizational objectives and the organization moved closer towards achieving its goals. 

With INRY’s Assurance, the healthcare provider received a Demand Management solution in record time, meeting their IT needs and laying the foundation for the continued expansion of the ServiceNow SPM application suite across the organization.
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