Driving Employee Service Excellence- Transforming IT Support for a Global Manufacturing Leader
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Driving Employee Service Excellence- Transforming IT Support for a Global Manufacturing Leader

Driving Employee Service Excellence- Transforming IT Support for a Global Manufacturing Leader

INRY transformed the customer's IT service delivery experience by implementing ServiceNow ITSM Pro in just 6 weeks, leveraging Virtual Agent and Agent Workspace essentials, resulting in boosted efficiency and reduced resolution times.


Enhanced Accessibility

With 24/7 availability, Employees can access IT support anytime, ensuring prompt assistance and reducing downtime through Virtual Agent

Real-Time Insights

Agent Workspace provides real-time insights into IT operations, empowering decision-makers with actionable data for continuous improvement

Empowered IT support

Virtual Agent and Agent Workspace empowered IT teams with the tools and insights needed to deliver exceptional service and drive organizational success

Streamlined Ticket Management

Agent Workspace simplified ticket handling, reducing resolution times and enhancing overall efficiency.

Headquartered in Indiana, the customer is an international manufacturer and supplier specializing in highly engineered components for diverse sectors. They operate over 140 facilities across the globe and are known for their exceptional customer service, innovation, and high-quality products.

As an existing ServiceNow ITSM user, the customer recognized the need to improve access to their IT support. This implementation’s primary focus was to boost operational efficiency and service delivery across the organization. 

Key Challenges  

  • Support teams limited in maximizing efficiency, leading to delays in resolving IT issues and hampering overall productivity. 
  • The existing setup posed challenges for the customer in meeting the needs of their employees. 
  • Pressing internal need to leverage advanced ServiceNow technologies to drive innovation and enhance the overall IT service experience. 

To better serve both employees and agents, the customer turned to INRY, an Elite partner of ServiceNow. INRY is renowned for its expertise in implementing ServiceNow IT Service Management solutions. Through this collaboration, the customer’s goal was to elevate IT Service Delivery experience by transitioning to ITSM Pro, integrating features such as Virtual Agent and Agent Workspace.

INRY's Approach 

In only 6 weeks, INRY’s technical experts, leveraging their skills augmented with INRY’s proven Project Methodology – Process Area Specific Sprints (PASS), led a significant transformation of the customer's ITSM processes. Committed to enhancing customer experiences and raising service delivery standards, INRY seamlessly implemented Virtual Agent, an AI-powered chatbot. The virtual agent interacts with users using natural language conversations to assist employees by automating responses to routine inquiries, reducing the need for IT Helpdesk involvement for resolving general inquiries. Agent Workspace was also implemented, providing a centralized, unified view for managing incidents and tasks from one single location. This allowed the agents to access all relevant information without navigating through multiple screens, thereby reducing friction and increasing productivity. 


Following the implementation, the customer experienced significant improvements in their IT service management capabilities which include: 

  • Reduced Workload: Virtual Agent promptly handled common inquiries, reducing the number of incoming tickets, saving time for IT support staff, and empowering them to focus on more demanding tasks. 
  • Enhanced Service Quality: Virtual Agent improved the quality of service and response times, effectively fulfilling user expectations and enriching the overall IT Service Delivery experience with high satisfaction. 
  • Efficient Resolution: Agent Workspace facilitated speedy incident resolution by providing agents with information, suggestions, and tools needed for effective problem-solving, minimizing downtime, and ensuring a seamless user experience. 
  • Incident Prioritization: Agents could anticipate and prioritize critical issues, ensuring timely resolution, thereby minimizing business impact. 
  • Improved Collaboration: Fostered collaboration among agents through internal communication and knowledge sharing, promoting teamwork to address issues more effectively using the Agent Workspace. 

Transformational Partnership with INRY

The partnership with INRY was pivotal in driving the revolution of the customer's IT Service Delivery experience. Throughout the partnership, INRY demonstrated a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Leveraging their technical expertise and strategic insights, INRY guided the customer through every step of the implementation process, from project planning to final deployment, and provided post-go-live support, propelling the customer towards technology excellence.

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