Expanding ServiceNow Capabilities Through Citrix ITSM Integration for Healthcare Provider
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Expanding ServiceNow Capabilities Through Citrix ITSM Integration for Healthcare Provider

Expanding ServiceNow Capabilities Through Citrix ITSM Integration for Healthcare Provider

INRY integrated Citrx Daas Worskpace with ServiceNow ITSM for a leading Minnesota healthcare provider, enhancing IT service management and optimizing workflows. This swift, four-week implementation improved patient care, automated processes, and enabled self-service capabilities, demonstrating INRY's commitment to modernizing healthcare IT infrastructure.

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Streamlined Integration

Seamless Citrix ITSM implementation in just 4 weeks

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Optimized workflows and communication

Optimized Workflow Integration

Monitoring Citrix virtual apps in ServiceNow

Decreased MTTR and a boost in productivity

Automated processes and self-service capabilities.

At the core of Minnesota's thriving communities is an industry-leading, award-winning nonprofit organization offering a full network of healthcare services. The customer is committed to delivering high-quality patient care, innovative medical research, and community outreach programs, offering a range of essential services, from routine check-ups to specialized treatments, the customer is dedicated to keeping Minnesotans healthy and thriving.  

In addition to its clinical services, the healthcare provider actively engages in medical education and research, collaborating with academic institutions and research centers to advance medical knowledge and improve patient outcomes. With a vast network of facilities and a diverse range of services, the organization sought to integrate ServiceNow IT Service Management capabilities with its Citrix infrastructure using ServiceNow Citrix IT Service Management Connector. This integration aimed to centralize IT service management, enhance workflow efficiency, and ensure seamless communication across various departments and locations.  

Empowering Efficiency, Enhancing Service 

INRY provided white-glove assistance, leveraging expertise spanning over a decade in IT service management, workflow optimization, and effective communication systems. Collaborating closely with the healthcare provider, INRY identified the opportunity to integrate Citrix with ServiceNow ITSM to further enhance operations and elevate patient care, demonstrating ServiceNow’s Technology Excellence in modernizing IT operations for improved healthcare delivery. 

The INRY Citrix ITSM Connector SMART Success solution enables ServiceNow ITSM capabilities within the Citrix Cloud service. This integration streamlines communication and automates processes, enhancing organizational service delivery and management, resulting in efficient operations, faster issue resolution, improved user experiences, and better resource allocation for enhanced productivity. By aligning IT services with business objectives and patient needs, integrating Citrix with ServiceNow ITSM empowers the healthcare provider to deliver a more responsive, patient-centered experience. 

 Optimizing IT Operations with Citrix ITSM Adapter Integration 

With INRY’s expertise, a ServiceNow Elite Partner, the implementation process addressed the unique needs of the healthcare provider, optimizing workflows and ensuring a smooth transition in managing cloud infrastructure. By leveraging the Citrix ITSM Adapter to seamlessly integrate Citrix environments with ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) platforms, the customer automated IT service workflows by connecting Citrix infrastructure with ITSM processes. The adapter facilitates tasks such as incident management, change management, and service request fulfillment by enabling automatic updates and real-time synchronization between Citrix systems and the ITSM platform. This integration enhances the efficiency and responsiveness of IT operations, improving service delivery, and ensuring better alignment between IT services and business objectives. 

Enhancing the capabilities of Citrix environments with ServiceNow integration 

INRY collaborated with the customer to ensure smooth access management and efficient delivery of applications and desktops was achievable using the integration. End-users could perform self-service and access help-desk support while granting the IT teams on the customer’s side visibility into the Citrix Desktop as a Service (DaaS) deployment and effective management of alerts and notifications. The implementation significantly enhances efficiency and user experience in application and virtual desktop management. 

Addressing Organizational Transitions Effectively 

INRY's implementation automated a wide range of essential tasks for efficient management of the Citrix environment such as: 

  • Administrative tasks like resetting sessions, both for oneself and other users, aiding in troubleshooting and maintaining session integrity.  
  • Power management functionalities for VDI desktops to ensure optimal resource utilization and cost savings by allowing administrators to control the power state of these desktops remotely.  
  • Ability to reset user profiles and handle de-provisioning tasks ensuring the environment remains clean, secure, and tailored to current organizational needs. 
  • Self-service through workflows requesting desktops and applications. This empowers users to independently access the resources they need, reducing dependency on IT personnel and accelerating the provisioning process.  
  • Capability to report Citrix session failures providing administrators with valuable insights into system performance, enabling proactive measures to maintain reliability and minimize disruptions. 
  • Handling employee separations ensuring swift and secure offboarding from the Citrix environment, safeguarding sensitive data, and maintaining compliance. 

Tailored Solutions for Seamless Operations 

INRY's expertise in IT incident management facilitated the establishment of a process to assist the healthcare provider in managing incidents within ServiceNow reported through Citrix notifications. This involved configuring ServiceNow to automatically create incidents, establish assignment rules for routing incidents to IT teams, and define categories, impact levels, and urgency levels to provide more information on the severity of each incident. Additionally, a streamlined process was established to manage notifications from Citrix ADM/ADC events, optimizing the healthcare provider's IT response capabilities. 

Furthermore, based on the customer’s appetite for more efficiency, INRY engaged in collaborative working sessions with the healthcare provider to collect requirements for their ITSM Service Catalog and Request Management within the ServiceNow platform. INRY demonstrated multiple ways to create requests, approve requests, assign fulfillment tasks to teams, and organize and administer the catalog to ensure the Service Catalog meets end-users' needs. 

 INRY’s Assurance 

INRY Citrix ITSM Connector Solution is an offering developed to address the need for swift, automated resolution of Citrix incidents and requests, reducing manual efforts, and preventing productivity drains. This solution optimizes IT service delivery, ensuring efficient incident management and enhancing the overall functioning of Citrix cloud infrastructure. In collaboration with the Healthcare provider, INRY successfully implemented the Citrix ITSM Integration within an impressive timeframe of just 4 weeks. This swift execution highlights the commitment to delivering timely and efficient solutions meeting customer’s needs. With INRY's dedicated platform support service (CloudCover), the healthcare provider was able to confidently navigate the post-implementation phase, thereby maximizing the benefits of the Citrix ITSM Integration. 

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