Finance Service company

Finance Service Company upgraded to Automated Policy and Compliance in 6 weeks

  • Client
    Insurance Organization
  • Industry
    Financial Services
  • Employees
  • Solution
    ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management


Compliance management
Managing key security controls
Tracking remediation


ServiceNow’s single system of action

20 controls were automated and enabled the Security teams to efficiently manage controls, assess and document compliance, and track remediation

Go-live in just 2 weeks

INRY’s Targeted Implementation helped the client to take full advantage of ServiceNow Policy and Compliance out-of-the-box

Training identified power users

A train-the-trainer approach led to massive success in adoption and security teams quickly moved from manual processes to automation


Go-live in just 6 weeks with INRY’s enablement and adoption services resulted in the rapid realization of investment in ServiceNow

The client desired to streamline their process to track compliance with 20 key controls from The CIS Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense. For the client, it was important that the security team could quickly start leveraging the new system.

INRY’s targeted implementation of ServiceNow with minimal customizations helped the client’s Information Security teams to immediately start leveraging ServiceNow Policy and Compliance out-of-the-box. With a focus on Enablement and Adoption, INRY helped the client to go-live in under 6 weeks.

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