Global Building Products Supplier simplifies their IT budgeting and forecasting

Global Building Products Supplier
Global Building Products Supplier
ServiceNow® IT Finance Management

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Simplified financial planning with the ability to analyze budgeting and forecast data enables the client to gain insight on the planned vs actuals
Financial modelling mapping the financial insights to business services provides managers with a realistic view of their service delivery costs
Custom reports and dashboards tailored based upon the required level of information helps the client to make informed financial decisions
Decision enablement with a framework to identify decisions and their financial impacts allows managers to weigh their financial judgements

The client, a global supplier of engineered products and services, was leveraging a manual spreadsheet to forecast and budget IT. Not only was this a time consuming and complex process, it also limited the visibility of the financial insights that the enterprise leaders needed. Due to the lack of transparency in IT financials, the managers lacked the ability to make informed decisions.

To enable the client align their IT costs to their business goals, INRY stepped in and developed a comprehensive model allowing the client to improve their supply/demand equation.