Global Software Company

Global Software Company upgrades and takes full advantage of ServiceNow Discovery

  • Client
    Global Software Company
  • Industry
    Computer Software
  • Employees
  • Solution
    Upgrade to Kingston, Discovery Healthcheck


Inability to fully leverage the ServiceNow platform
Lack of visibility into resources
Older version of ServiceNow



INRY’s extensive platform expertise and experience in upgrades, MID Servers, Discovery and infrastructure intelligence helped maximize value for the client

Optimize field work with mobile interface

Upgrading to the latest release of ServiceNow helped the client to utilize the full power of ServiceNow and the Discovery application

Integrate With ServiceNow Products With EASE

Latest features and capabilities of Discovery helped the client gain visisbility into their resources and improve their acquisition processes

Improve insights with reporting and dashboards

Pre-defined testing schedule with resources made available for UAT helped empower the client’s teams to leverage the new features faster

The client, a global software company that develops and markets engineering simulation software, already had ServiceNow in place. However the client was using an older version of ServiceNow and were not able to fully leverage the powerful automation capabilities of the ServiceNow platform. A key objective was to gain visibility into on‑premise and cloud resources.

After gathering the client’s specific processes, INRY helped the client to seamlessly upgrade to the latest version of ServiceNow and the Discovery application.

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