Major Health Insurer transforms HR with ServiceNow
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Major Health Insurer transforms HR with ServiceNow

Major Health Insurer transforms HR with ServiceNow

With no common starting point for accessing information and submitting requests, employees had to contact and follow-up with HR directly even for simple queries relating to company policies and procedures. As a result, HR teams were spending a significant amount of their time handling routine calls, exceptions and manual paperwork.

For the client- with their large scale HR operations- the impact of these combined challenges was considerably high. The client wanted a complete future-proof HR transformation that was closely aligned to their business objectives and addressed all of their challenges.


INRY's creation of 7 self-service forms helped the client to reduce call volumes and processing times by close to 30%


Trainings were held to enable HR managers to make use of data insights to make data-driven decisions and teams to continue to improve catalogs and workflows on their own.


INRY effectively empowered the client's HR to constantly improve and transform into a more strategic partner in the organization


With a tiered service delivery, it was possible to significantly improve HR productivity by reducing the overall volume of cases and increasing the HR capacity of handling cases.

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