Major Health Insurer transforms HR with ServiceNow

The client, one of the oldest and most reputable brands in health insurance in the US, has been known for consistent innovation in their services over the years. Being a leader in the segment required the client to consistently evolve and innovate in a highly competitive setting. In their continued efforts to improve and drive innovation, productivity and operational efficiency in the organization, the client noticed significant scope for improvement in employee engagement and HR services.

The client’s HR was primarily dependent on conventional and antiquated tools like e-mail and spreadsheets for conducting most of their operations. This posed significant challenges for the client especially with the emergence of a modern workforce that is increasingly social, flexible, mobile and technologically literate.


Modernizing HR operations

With e-mail and spreadsheets as their primary tools, a lot of HR work was being done manually hurting both productivity and quality of HR services. As a result, the client was facing significant challenges that directly impacted employee experience.

With no common starting point for accessing information and submitting requests, employees had to contact and follow-up with HR directly even for simple queries relating to company policies and procedures. As a result, HR teams were spending a significant amount of their time handling routine calls, exceptions and manual paperwork.

Prioritization of cases was also a significant challenge, especially where other departments had to be involved in the resolution. Managing the workforce, planning recruiting and measuring HR productivity as well, was difficult for HR managers with the lack of substantial data insights.

For the client- with their large scale HR operations- the impact of these combined challenges was considerably high. The client wanted a complete future-proof HR transformation that was closely aligned to their business objectives and addressed all of their challenges.

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