Healthcare organization takes control with ServiceNow Software Asset Management Healthcare organization takes control with ServiceNow Software Asset Management
IT Transformation Success Story

Healthcare organization takes control with ServiceNow Software Asset Management

Making smart licensing choices to reduce cost and drive license compliance

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Our client’s existing Software Asset Management system was proving to be inefficient as it was email-driven and not auditable. The limited capabilities of the system exposed them to risks during software vendor audits and license renegotiations.

INRY's extensive ServiceNow platform expertise, familiarity with SAM business processes, and in-depth healthcare industry knowledge made us the ideal partner for our client's ServiceNow Software Asset Management implementation. Under INRY's guidance, they now have a consistent, up-to-date view of their software assets. They have improved process efficiency, limited their exposure to compliance audits, and are continuously optimizing their license usage.


Driving business outcomes

Significantly improved operational efficiency and visibility, and reduced software costs after INRY's implementation of ServiceNow Software Asset Management

Reducing software expenditure

Efficient reconciliation and license cost management using list views, reports, and dashboards. They can easily identify redundant software to reclaim unused software assets and realize significant cost savings

Tracking software utilization

The SACM team can monitor the number of devices being used, generate usage reports and manage entitlement allocations from a single system, to make better purchasing decisions for the future

Ensuring compliance

Quickly identifying licenses that are not compliant allows them to mitigate and reduce risk. The leadership team can drive strategic SAM initiatives while responding to software audits efficiently
Multi-facility Healthcare Provider
Multi-facility Healthcare Provider
ServiceNow® Software Asset Management

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