From Over-provisioning to Automated Birthright-based Provisioning - A Transformative Journey

David Tyburski and INRY collaborated to design and develop the Identity & Access Governance solution, Built on Now® to transform access management, now available on the ServiceNow store. What's unique about the app is that it manages the entire lifecycle of access requests; and automates provisioning based on birthrights.

Using the app, David's organization mobilized 15,000 people within one month during the pandemic and shrunk their open access management request backlog to zero.

Watch the video to learn more about their incredible journey.

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“The automobile wasn’t invented because the horse and buggy didn’t work”

David Tyburski, CISO at Wynn Resorts

Outcomes from the transformative journey

Visibility Visibility 15,000people mobilized during the pandemic
Efficiency Efficiency $250Kin cost avoidance
Risk Profile Risk Profile Fewer errorsin attestations and audits
Audit Trail Audit Trail Forward thinkinghas been designed and planned into the system

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Automation requires meticulous attention to precision

The heart of this solution is the simple, yet brilliant data model that David designed. Traditional IAM data models are complex, with a cobweb of interactions between users, applications, and privileges; even seasoned Access Management professionals struggle with it. Imagine the plight of end-users who must not only make sense of which applications they need for their job function; but also be able to accurately determine what privileges they need.

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Data Model - The Secret Sauce

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Identity and Access Governance: Quick Demo

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How a high-end hotel and casino operator transformed its identity and access management journey

How a high-end hotel and casino operator transformed its identity and access management journey

When the COVID crisis hit, the global economy was shaken, and particularly the Hospitality industry faced some unprecedented challenges. Our client was already leveraging ServiceNow for Incident Management, help desk, and asset management. Implementing Access Management on the same platform would drive faster and better adoption among users.

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