INRY partners with Attivio to enrich ServiceNow workflows with AI
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INRY partners with Attivio to enrich ServiceNow workflows with AI

INRY partners with Attivio to enrich ServiceNow workflows with AI


Attivio, the leading provider of AI-powered answers and insights and developer of Elevate™ for ServiceNow® and INRY, a leading ServiceNow Elite Partner providing specialized ServiceNow implementations, have partnered together to help organizations transform their employee experience, customer service, and risk avoidance practices by enriching key ServiceNow® workflows with AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing.

Attivio’s mission of putting search at the core of every enterprise and INRY’s EASE approach to implementing ServiceNow® will enable clients to search and find answers, regardless of where the answer is, to help their customers resolve their issue or point them in the right direction. Yes, by using the Attivio Elevate™ capabilities, you can perform a search in ServiceNow® and display results that are living outside of the ServiceNow® platform. E.g. Sharepoint, file shares, etc.

Together, Attivio and INRY will help companies:

  • Transform Employee Experiences:

     To attract, hire, train, and retain the right and best talent, companies must deliver modern work experiences. Employees expect speed and accuracy when seeking an answer to a question or resolution to an issue, and AI-powered answers and insights deliver on this expectation within established tools like ServiceNow®.
  • Deliver the Best Customer Experiences:

     Speed and accuracy of getting the best information to the client as fast as possible is necessary for companies to provide the best customer experience. Applying AI and machine learning to self-service and agent experiences helps increase call deflection and decrease MTTR.
  • Mitigate Risk Across Various Functions:

     There are more threats today to companies than ever before; the partnership helps companies collect, consolidate, and transform structured and unstructured data into actionable information to take action.
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