INRY Transforms Software License Management for a Global Medical Technology Leader
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INRY Transforms Software License Management for a Global Medical Technology Leader

INRY Transforms Software License Management for a Global Medical Technology Leader

INRY swiftly deployed ServiceNow SAM Pro, optimizing software license management for a global medical technology leader, enhancing visibility, and achieving significant cost savings through a collaborative approach.


Proactive Risk Management

Centralizing IT asset information enabled proactive risk management, identifying and addressing compliance issues and security threats promptly

User-Centric Design

Implementation of SAM Pro prioritised user experience in managing the software asset lifecycle, boosting user adoption and satisfaction from the solution

Enhanced Security

Streamlined software asset management and reduced security vulnerabilities by ensuring tracking and compliance with security protocols for all software assets.

Audit Preparedness

Ensured accurate records of software assets, licenses, and usage data were ready for auditing, enabling prompt responses for audit requests.

The customer is a prominent player in the medical device manufacturing industry, dedicated to enhancing quality of life through innovative digital technologies. With operations in over 25 countries and a commitment to leveraging Artificial Intelligence, the customer leads in advancing healthcare solutions worldwide.

The Challenge 

Previously, the customer utilized Flexera for their software license management needs, though, upon identifying software limitations and inefficiencies in managing their software licenses, prompted the customer to evaluate feasible solutions for optimizing their software license usage. Given that the customer already leverages ServiceNow for their front-end operations, it was logical for the customer to consider evaluating ServiceNow’s Software Asset Management Pro application for meeting their license management needs.

In pursuit of this, the customer sought INRY’s expertise, a renowned ServiceNow Elite Partner. INRY's proven track record in implementing ServiceNow solutions, coupled with in-depth knowledge and experience of implementing similar solutions for customers in the manufacturing industry, positioned us as the ideal partner for the implementation. 

INRY’s Approach 

In just 11 weeks, INRY embarked on a collaborative journey with the customer, guided by our proven Project delivery methodology – Process Area Specific Sprints (PASS). Through clear communication and meticulous planning, we ensured that the customer established a solid foundation for success. The key steps of the approach included: 

  • Implementing Discovery to map the IT infrastructure, ensuring an accurate CMDB, followed by integrating vCenter with ServiceNow for centralized management and monitoring of IT services. 
  • An integration of JAMF, SCCM, and INTUNE resulted in accurate tracking of configuration items using the CMDB, facilitating streamlined IT operations. 
  • Implementing Software Asset Management Pro (SAM Pro) provided comprehensive license metrics for tracking software usage and reconciliation, thereby enhancing visibility into active software licenses and optimizing their allocation efficiently.  
  • Integrating and importing software licenses for Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, and Azure ensuring thorough software license management across diverse software providers using a centralized platform (Now platform).  
  • Tailoring configuration related to Adobe license reclamation rules to meet specific license tracking needs for optimizing utilization. 
  • Deploying Software Asset Workspace to consolidate and prioritize activities related to software asset lifecycle management, fostering collaboration to optimize investments, and enabling business users to effectively manage compliance, software reclamation, and report generation seamlessly within one platform. 


  • Optimized License Allocation: SAM Pro helped the customer optimize active license allocation by identifying software assets that are over-provisioned or underutilized. 
  • Cost-Savings: Enhanced visibility into their software assets enabled the customer to optimize licensing costs, leading to savings and improved financial efficiency. 
  • Cloud Software Management: With insights into their cloud software usage, the customer was enabled to track usage patterns to make informed decisions and reduce the risk of overutilization, resulting in cost penalties. 
  • Increased Productivity: Efficient operations and access to accurate software assets data enabled the IT teams at the customer's organization to focus on strategic initiatives, leading to increased productivity. 
  • Vendor Relationship Management: SAM Pro enhanced vendor relationships by providing information on software usage and licensing needs, fostering informed negotiations and partnerships. 
  • Streamlined License Management: Automating software license lifecycle management tasks like tracking assignments, monitoring usage, and generating reports improved overall efficiency significantly. 

The customer seamlessly transitioned to the new software solution SAM Pro, with INRY ensuring its implementation aligned with their needs. The two-week Hypercare support further bolstered confidence by promptly addressing queries related to the solution. This collaboration with INRY ensured the customer remained at the forefront of their industry, securing their long-term success.

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