INRY's Strategic Roadmap Unleashes Potential for California-based Insurance Provider on ServiceNow
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INRY's Strategic Roadmap Unleashes Potential for California-based Insurance Provider on ServiceNow

INRY's Strategic Roadmap Unleashes Potential for California-based Insurance Provider on ServiceNow

INRY delivers strategic recommendations to an Earthquake Insurance Provider within 6-weeks, addressing immediate concerns and laying the foundation for continuous improvement.

Customer’s Seismic Resilience and Operational Dynamics: 

Nestled in the heart of California, the customer stands as a bulwark against the unpredictable forces of nature, safeguarding Californians by offering earthquake insurance and spearheading community initiatives, standing as a beacon of resilience in the face of seismic challenges.

Despite being a dedicated ServiceNow user since 2020, the customer encountered operational challenges within the Customer Service Management (CSM) and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) applications. Implementing a new application nested in CSM, named the Centralized Policy Program (CPP), resulted in an absence of integrated reporting capabilities. In addition, form configurations related to claims, compounded the issue leading to internal reporting inaccuracies. The quote underscores this issue, stating, 'As currently configured, ServiceNow is not functioning optimally and, therefore, does not fully meet our business needs.

INRY's Expertise Meets Customer's Vision for ServiceNow Optimization: 

Recognizing the need for strategic guidance, the customer forged a crucial partnership with INRY, acknowledging the latter's track record and expertise in optimizing ServiceNow investments. The engagement initiated a two-phase assessment, focusing on the intricacies of the CSM and ITSM applications. Collaborative sessions allowed INRY to document the customer's business goals, identify pain points, and meticulously examine technical and process dependencies between the CSM, CPP, and ITSM applications.

Throughout a rapid 6-week assessment period, INRY identified 5 critical issues: 

  • The CPP Case Management process is nearly out of the box but hindered by past technical decisions. 
  • The IT portal being disabled due to unsatisfactory user experience. 
  • Incident and Request Management processes are employed for purposes beyond their intended use. 
  • Absence of unified/integrated reporting capabilities. 
  • A considerable gap in Enablement and Adoption by the customer’s business users. 

Prioritizing business operations efficiency, INRY presented a set of Priority 1 (P1) recommendations, alongside additional strategic insights, as part of a comprehensive 3-phased approach for enhancing the customer's ServiceNow instance.  

The 3 phased approach consists of: 

Phase 1: Elevating User Experience and Operational Efficiency Through Recommendations 

  • Proposing a reimagination of Case Management, in addition to introducing improved SLAs and enhanced reporting
  • Suggesting a seamless migration to workspaces for a modern, user-friendly interface
  • Recommending the implementation of Knowledge Management to streamline operations and facilitate self-service information retrieval

Phase 2: Seamless Integration for Operational Excellence - Recommendations Only 

  • Recommending a redesign of the Customer Service Portal for an enhanced user experience
  • Advising on updates to Change and Problem Management applications to improve process efficiency
  • Suggesting enhancements to the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to prioritize responses and increase IT Service Delivery efficiencies

Phase 3: Optimizing Operations for Continuous Improvement - Recommendations Only 

  • Providing recommendations to decrease Response time through Advanced Work Assignment
  • Introduction of the Agent Mobile App to handle IT operations on the go
  • Recommending leveraging Performance Analytics to identify trends and areas for continuous IT improvement

Paving the way for the Customer’s Operational Excellence using Agile Transformation: 

INRY, in a collaborative endeavour, swiftly delivered strategic recommendations within the 6-week timeframe, addressing immediate concerns and laying the foundation for continuous improvement. The phased implementation approach guarantees the customer can seamlessly elevate its ServiceNow platform experience and foster increased adoption amongst its business users.  

INRY's recommendations address current operational challenges and provide a blueprint for sustained excellence in efficiency and customer satisfaction. This positions the customer for success in their digital transformation and resilience journey.

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